When will there be a native iPad version?

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The iPad version doesn’t look so great on the iPad. When will there be a native iPad version?


Jon, thanks for your note.

The plan is to eventually update the iOS app to better utilize bigger screens, but tablet use in not very common for the garage control so this project is not the highest priority at the moment.

Please consider using the web app in the browser, you can even add a Safari shortcut to the home screen.


Ok thanks appreciate the response.


I for one would vote for an iPad app. Have a mini on my Control4 system mounted to the wall. Will use the work around Safari short cut in the mean time.


Thanks for your vote.
If anybody has ideas/suggestions for the user interface layout on the bigger screens, please feel free to share here.


It would be cool if you could select # of doors to show on the screen. i.e. 1-x. I’ve got 2 doors now. 3 or 4 soon. With that much screen would be cool to be able to have them all up in equal size at the same time.

To liven it up a bit how about using our own images for the doors?

Could possibly add different door sizes as well. Like single door, 2-door, RV etc.