Why do I get two email alerts for every action?


I thought somehow I had subscribed twice, so cancelled email subscription, then got no emails, activated again and now getting two again.


Vaise, try logging out of the account on the device in question and then logging back in.
I see 3 android device subscriptions for your unit, I can clean them out if you want to start anew.

Thanks for your continued support.
I dont have an android… I have set it up on three Iphones.
I logged out, logged in and got the duplicate emails again - note - this is only emails that are duplicated - the notifications are not (plus, the emails still have the content with the old garage door name as on another thread).
No alerts on my Iphone app this morning for the open and close stuff (done three times) - just 2 of ever email alert.

My bad, those where 3 APNS subscriptions (Apple). I’m cleaning out all so you can resubscribe from scratch.
The name I see is on the server is “vaise_garage”. Is that the one you expect?

vaise_garage is correct - but the iphone alerts say ‘vaise’ not ‘vaise garage’ and the email alerts (duplicated) have vaise garage in the email title, but vaise in the email content


Is the resubscribe process different to the install process ?

In “alerts” tab disable all individual alerts and then enable those you want again.

Hi, still same issue - two alerts when done as email - and name in email content is just ‘vaise’ not ‘vaise garage’. And I got no alerts in the app since doing this at all - up and down 4 or 5 times. Iphone def set to alerts in notifications fro garadget.

notifications are now working - but alas, still say the old door name.

I’m looking at the recent received configuration updates and they contain “vaise” for name.

2016-11-17 19:05:58 - alert=config (ver=1.10|rdt=2000|mtt=14000|rlt=300|rlp=1000|srr=3|srt=25|aev=137|aot=0|ans=0|ane=0|tzo=10.00B|nme=vaise)
2016-11-17 19:06:04 - alert=config (ver=1.10|rdt=2000|mtt=14000|rlt=300|rlp=1000|srr=3|srt=25|aev=169|aot=0|ans=0|ane=0|tzo=10.00B|nme=vaise)
2016-11-17 19:06:07 - alert=config (ver=1.10|rdt=2000|mtt=14000|rlt=300|rlp=1000|srr=3|srt=25|aev=169|aot=1200|ans=0|ane=0|tzo=10.00B|nme=vaise)
2016-11-17 19:06:13 - alert=config (ver=1.10|rdt=2000|mtt=14000|rlt=300|rlp=1000|srr=3|srt=25|aev=169|aot=600|ans=0|ane=0|tzo=10.00B|nme=vaise)

I changed the name in the config manually, but it may get overwritten next time you edit the settings.
Also removed the email subscription to the notifications so you can config that from the clean slate.

If you continue having difficulties with the name change, I might need a temporary access to the account so I can try it from the client end myself and track the request.

The name should be Vaise Garage. Thats what i changed it too on the app etc.
I just did a close - and the alert on my iphone still says ‘vaise is now closed’.
Logged off and on and opened and closed again - same thing.
Activated email alerts - answered the AWS confirmation email. Then getting two emails for every alert again.
What do you need to get access ?

To grant me a temporary access please PM me your login credentials. Few notes:

  • if you use the same password anywhere else (not a good practice btw) then please change it to something else before handing it over
  • please change the password as soon as I’m done working with your account

Thank you

I sent the pm with my details. Thanks.

Just like to say thanks on the public side for sorting this duplicate email and the garage door renaming issues out. Amazing service. System is running like a dream. I have bought a strip of reflective tap for 6 inches as the wife like to open the door to let air through the house - hence it is still closed, but Garadget thinks it is open. I would think there would be few people in the same boat, hence a small roll included in the box would be better than a small disk.

Personally, I read all the forum issues before I installed, and made sure to not mount it on the vibrating door opener, but attached to the roof. Laser has not moved at all. No faulty reporting.

One small thing (that does not bother me at all) each day, at around 3:15 AM (Brisbane, Australia time), the system goes offline, then comes online 1 minute later. Has happened every day since I got it. I dont know if this is something local to me, or if the box is checking for an update, or some sort of backend backup ? As i said, its not a worry - nice to know the alerts are working.

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@Vaise, thanks for your feedback.
The re-connect issue may be due to the expiring DHCP lease. See if you can permanently assign an IP address to your unit in router’s DHCP configuration. You’ll need to look up it’s MAC address in Garadget settings for that.

Lease is set to 144 hours. I dont think it is that.