Will it work with my roller shutter controller?


Hi all.
I have recently installed a roller shutter and would like to have the functionality that garadget provides. In my controller the wiring includes up, down, stop 12v and com. I have attached the instructions for clarity.
Is it possible to use garadget on this ? If so what would the wiring be ?
Thanks in advance


Garadget needs a single button connection (Open/Close/Stop).
There are additional terminals on the board in the picture (e.g. Manual Switch and Impulse). Maybe one of them servers the function, but that would need additional information.


Hi Denis,
Thanks for replying. The only other info I have is in the attached photo. Does this help?


I have hard time understanding this dialect of English. This must be a robo-translation.
The most promising feature for single button operation is “Operation in impulse moder”, but I can’t tell with confidence if that’s what it does. Seems like this is the alternative to what they refer to as “deadman” mode, but that is also not very well explained concept there.