Will not connect to Galaxy s6 edge

Just installed the device and app. It recognizes the photonXXXX but cannot connect to it. when i select it I get an error that says to run setup again. I tried it on my wife’s iphone and it connected just fine. After I got it connected to the iphone the door opens but will not close. It recognises the door either open or closed but when I close the door it does not get the signal to close.

The Photon-XXXX connection is only needed for the initial setup. If you managed to get past that stage then you’re all set with WiFi configuration.

Now to the opening/closing commands: Can you please test that the wiring is correct by electrically connecting the two screws in the blue terminal in the back of the unit using a piece of wire or other conductor. If wiring is correct, you should be able to both open and close the door by doing that.

I cannot get pass the startup process. When I open the app and I select “ready” it then takes me to the Choose your Garadget page where I see the Phaton-XXXX. When I select the Phaton it flashes several times and then get an error that says to run set-up again

Earlier you mentioned that you were able to complete the setup process from your wife’s iPhone. Did you get to the point where you can see the door in the app?

This process needs to be done only once per Garadget unit, then you can use the same account credentials from multiple phones and computers.

OK I have both devices connected now. the door will open but not close. if I close the app it sometimes will open to the correct position and let me close but then will not let me open again. I haven’t connected directly to the garage door opener without the button connected.

The wall button should remain connected, so you don’t lose any of your existing access or functionality.
You can just connect Garadget wires into the same terminals as button. For the reliable contact you may want to twist the wires sharing the terminal together.

When you say the “door will open but not close” do you describe using the Garadget app or the legacy opener controls (wall button or wireless remote)?

I have to say this is getting frustrating! I removed the wall button to eliminate any problems or interference or connection issues. I have now reconnected it. on the iphone I open the App. the app shows the closed. I tap the door in the app and the door in the app starts to open and i get s round scroll but it instantly stops and nothing happens to the actual garage door. If i open the door with the wall button the app shows the door open. Every once in a while it will open the actual door but i cant seem to figure out what changes to make it work. On the edge 6 the app shows the door closed i press the door in the app and the door in the app opens but the actual door does not open. it says open 0s. if i close the app and reopen the app it shows the door closed.

The observations you’ve described are result of a single issue: the commands you send from the app are not being handled. There can be wiring, compatibility or communication issue that causes this.

We can troubleshoot this starting from the wiring/compatibility: please try to electrically connect the two screws in the Garadget’s blue terminal. Doing that you should be able to open and close the door. Please let me know the result.

So I disconnected the button and only connected the Garadget and it seems to work.

I wouldn’t recommend disabling the wall button or any existing opener’s functionality.

Likely there was lose connection. Please try pre-twisting the Garadget wires with the wall button wires before inserting them into opener’s terminals.

It’s definitely not a loose connection. I do twist them prior to inserting them. for some reason the interface that connects to the opener causes interference. the interface tells me if the battery in charged in the opener and has a light switch all running on the same line.

Garadget’s terminal is connected to a normally open contacts of mechanical relay, so attached wires should not have any effect on the rest of the circuitry.

Let’s check if the opener supports operation with the simple push button. Can you share the model, I’ll research it.

it’s a craftsman 41db102-2

This appears to be a part number for opener’s logic board, but its picture shows a purple learn button so it should support a simple wall button.

If the commands stop working reliably after you re-connect the wall button, please try increasing the “relay on time” in settings.