Will not connect to wifi


Will not connect to WiFi. Keeps saying internal problem. Retry


Please try using Garadget’s embedded interface:

  • place Garadget into listening mode (press and hold “M” until dark blue blinks)
  • temporarily move Garadget close to home router
  • connect your phone or computer PHOTON-XXXX WiFi
  • navigate browser to
  • select your home WiFi network, specify password and submit
  • take note of the LED indicaitons

Normal LED indications are:

  • blinking fast green
  • blinking fast cyan
  • slow pulsing cyan

If this doesn’t work as expected, please follow up and we’ll try few things with the router setup


i’ve tried the steps above and the device gets to slow pulsing cyan but it doesn’t show on the app. i’ve read so many threads already, tried different methods, scenarios except for usb - i’m not that tech savvy and i shouldn’t have to be. please help this is very frustrating.


The above steps are for connecting Garadget to the network, but they will not associate it with your account.
If you got to slow pulsing cyan then you know that your unit is online and there are no communication issues.

From here you have following options:

  • press and hold “M” button until LED switches to blinking dark blue. This means Garadget is ready for setup and you can re-try setting up using the mobile app.
  • you can associate the unit with account using the command line interface. this is somewhat technical so if you don’t want to deal with that then:
  • you can reach out to us in private message with the account info and we’ll add your unit to the account