Will not recognize email address

Garadget does not recognize email address When I try on another device it says customer already exists. Will not let me get password. At a standstill. Will not let me add another controller. Works great on first controller…now it will not let me log on.

There is no need to register a new account for the additional unit.
Please use “add door” command from inside of your existing account.

I am trying to add my wife’s phone as another controller. It will not let me do it because it says I don’t exist. Can not get into account. Says wrong password. Will not send password because it will not recognize email address. Even though it has the email address on my garadget app on my smartphone.

Please make sure the email capitalization matches when you enter it on new device.
If you still can’t sort it out, please PM me the email address in question and I’ll check things out on my end.

I’m running into the same problem. My wife’s phone works great but when trying to add my phone while using the existing account, I run into, “Connot sign in. Incorrect username and/or password”. The user name and password work fine on her phone and logging in on the “Garadget” community board. Any help would be great!

Try logging out on your wife’s phone and logging back in using the same email and password that you use on yours. This will test the login credentials. Let me know if you need help resetting the password.

I logged out of my wife’s phone and now I can’t log back in. I tried to reset password but got a message stating invalid email address. Now I’m really confused.

Is there possibility you used some other email during the registration?
You can PM me the email addresses and I can check them against the database.

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I found your correct account email by a partial match from those you provided.
Please let me know if you want me to initiate the password reset for you.

Yes please. Which account password is being reset?

There is an active account with your name @icloud.con
Because the .com part is misspelled, resetting the password will not work. You can either try to login into .con account and continue using it or register a new account with the correct email address and move your Garadget to it.

Just opened Garadget App, and after several years of flawless use, there was no Door Showing and no response to any section of the app, so I logged out of the app, and attempted to log back in. All i am getting is Invalid User, and Invalid Credentials messages.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling App,… Same thing.
I can log in and have full functionality with Pass & Email online, but the phone App is not recognizing this info.

Any Suggestions?

I was JUST starting my own post on this when I saw this 8m old message. I can confirm you are not the only one.

I can log into the web interface and everything works fine. I can control via my Hubitat using MQTT, but the app is a dead soldier right now, and it was working just fine yesterday.

You may be using the discontinued version of the mobile app.

Please try uninstalling it and loading the current version from the App Store (developer: Softcomplex). When presented with the registration form, click on the “already have account“ link to login.

That did it!

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uninstall the app, and install the new version of the app. The old one will not work any more.