Wiring Avanti MPS 12

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Ok thanks, I will set up for testing connected to the garage over the weekend…
The units is currently in the garage with no reflectors in test setup. (not connected to garage motor)
Showing 0 for reflection and open door status which is as expected I believe.

Any idea on hook up points for the following unit?
Centurian Garage Doors - Australia
I believe the unit is an AVANTI MPS 12

Any help on this step is much appreciated.

Test setup failing - inconsistent info from Android/Iphone/Web app

From what I researched it appears that you should connect here:

Here’s relevant fragment from the manual:


Fantastic! Will be great to get this going
Many thanks and great support!


I now seem to be getting very low reflective states from door closed, during the day. Night seems quite reasonable and high
Currently at so will have to check laser alignment when I get home
Reflection is at about 6. Door open goes to the neighbors wall… gives 0 reflection
(oops might have to look into that … )

My garage has no windows, only light would be from the top of garage etc.
No where near as much as.

Is this perhaps a scenario where my garadget unit could do with a light protective shroud?
(given reflective sticker is still correctly in place etc)


Yes, 6 is very low. If you’re able to be at the location when this happens, check for the alignment, ambient light obstacles etc.


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