Wiring Garadget to Merlin 230T

Just got my Garadget running, wow way easier than i thought.

Thought i’d document how i wired it up to the Merlin 230T (New Zealand model) incase anyone else gets stuck in the future (see below photos).


If for some reason the image doesn’t work, connect the wires to the GND and P/B connectors.


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Hi there, I’m trying to connect a smart garage door opener and am looking for the 5 terminals shomn in your first and second photoso on my opener. Mine is the same model but looks very different to yours. I’m not sure how to attach photos of mine unfortunately

found where to upload photos, now I’m hoping someone can try to help and tell me how to find and connect it.

Ah, interesting. Your one looks more like the manuals found online, i suspect my version is specific to New Zealand.

I think you’ll need to connect it like the below image, just want to stay clear of that 12V connector. No guarantees, but i’d say it’s the ‘Manual Control’ connection you want:

Good luck!


Thanks so much for your reply, really appreciate it. I’ll give it a go and let you know :blush:

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Hmm really interesting to note that there may be different versions on the Merlin 230T around. I have the exact same model as @Chromium - mine looks exactly the same picture wise, and I’ve had it connected the same way - too easy! For the record I’ve had my Garadget since Jan 2019 and have used it for over a year without issues. Loving my Garadget - beside being able to control my Garage door remotely I can also use it to check/confirm status of the door. Definitely a clever and wonderful piece of invention!