Wiring Overhead Legacy

I have installed the device and I am receiving all alerts. But the door will not open or close from the app. My garage door opener is a overhead legacy 696cd/b with only 3 terminals. I am also having trouble trying to change the radius.

Does this look like your opener’s terminal?

Yes the top diagram.

Ok, so Garadget should be connected to terminals #1 & #2. If wiring is correct, then electrically connecting the two screws in the blue terminal in back of the Garadget with a piece of conductor should have the same effect as pressing the wall button.

I will check unit again when I return home. I know I did not use the conductor.

I have an Overhead brand garage with the connection type in the diagram posted. Did this end up working just fine with Garadget? Also, is there supposed to be some conductor piece added to the blue terminal piece during the install? I just want to make sure it will work just fine and not be any issues when I install and before I purchase.

Yes, the conductor is included with the kit. The connection described in this post should have worked without problem. Please keep in mind that Garadget is offered with 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so if you can’t use it - you can return it for full refund.

Hello, this is my opener. Cannot get it to work. What is the “conductor” you are referencing

The conductor mentioned is a black wire included with the kit.


It’s used for connecting Garadget’s blue terminal with the door opener: