Wiring / Set Up for Centurion Garage Door

Hi, we recently moved into a new house that has what looks to be a rather dated garage opener. I tried looking at other posts to see if I could spot a similar set up but couldn’t seem to find anything and I can’t seem to identify the exact model for the opener. All I can see on the opener is a Centurion Garage Door label which isn’t very helpful. I have attached some pictures of the opener below and any assistance from anyone on how to wire Garadget up to the opener would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Do you have a wall console that operates it? Do you see where the wires from it are connected to the opener?

The gray box is probably a wireless receiver which is another option. I see I relay picking out through the hole. If it clicks when you use the wireless fob then you can hook up Garadget to its contacts.

Hi @garadget, thanks for the update. The opener does not have a wall console but there is a button under the opener itself that can be used. I normally use a remote to operate the opener.

The grey box is the wireless receiver as you have mentioned so I assume I can connect the black and blue cables from Garadget to the corresponding coloured cables in the grey box or should I be wiring it up differently? I have attached more detailed pictures of the grey box along with where it connects to on the opener.

Thanks again for all the assistance!

If I had to guess I’d say that relay inside of the gray box connects 1(24V) to 2(RELAY) when you send the radio command. If that’s the case you can connect Garadget’s blue terminal there. I would still prefer confirm that by tracing the connections inside the receiver box.