Wiring to LiftMaster 41AC050-2M (purple learn button)


Hi, I just received my Garadget in the mail and everything was going smoothly in the setup process until I got to wiring. I located the two ports I need to plug into (on the left) by tracing the wires back to the door opener on the wall. When I go to share the wires with the existing, nothing works upon restoring power. Neither the button on the wall nor the Garadget app works. I confirmed both the LiftMaster and Garadget have power upon restoring power.

Once I disconnect the Garadget ends to the LiftMaster, LiftMaster works again. I tried twisting the LiftMaster wires around each lead on the Garadget to no avail.

I’m stuck and not sure how to proceed. Help!



Please try following: keep control wires leading to Garadget in place on the opener side, but keep them loosely in Garadget’s blue terminal. Confirm that the opener doesn’t function correctly as before then remove wires from the blue terminal. Does that restore the opener’s functionality?


I think I got it working. I think it was a bad connection on the garadget side of the wiring. Seems to be working just fine now. I’ll try it for a few days and report back if I have any issues. Thanks!