Worked great for a month, now it won't stay online


I found the installation process pretty easy and the device and app worked great for about 3-4 weeks. Now it’s been offline for a week and I can’t get it to work again. Per another post, I’ve tried unplugging the device and plugging back in, but that only works for a couple minutes. Then it’s offline again.

I was pretty psyched to find something that worked with my existing garage door opener. I’d really like to get it working again, but need some advice.


Don’t worry, Steve. We’ll figure it out.
Possible issues are connectivity and power. What are the LED indications you get when the unit if offline?


I’m actually having the same issue. Worked great for a while and now it’s offline. I cycled the power, and the light remains a solid teal color, which it was before the power cycle. I should probably try the reset button, but thought I’d check here first. I’ll pay attention to this thread and see if my problem is the same.


I went to check on the LED colors, but it’s actually been working again since yesterday. This time it didn’t even require the power down to get it back online. I’m kind of hoping something was done on the Garadget side so there is some explanation for it. Nonetheless, happy that it’s working again.

On a separate note, while poking around the site I caught that the Alexa skill is available. I attached that to my Echo Dot and confirmed it is working as well. Easy install, no problems so far.


As an update, I hit the reset button, the LED went off, changed to white for a bit, and then back to teal. Now it’s fading teal on and off, but it seems to have come back online. I’ll keep you updated.


Seems to have resolved the issue with a reset. I have gotten a few flickers of offline, but it seems to come right back. Hoping it stays online.


I had the same issues, and solved them with a WiFi range extender. If the WiFi signal is weak, it will work for a while and then stop.

My WiFi range extender added a “_EXT” to my network WiFi name, and I had to reconfigure the Garadget to recognize it, using the “add door” feature of the App. Hope this helps.