Would be cool to add video support

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It would be really cool if we could get a web cam attachment to see if there is any activity in the garage. I had an unfortunate experience where my son came home and left the door open. I saw that it had been open for 20 minutes so I closed it. Well, apparently he was home just for his dinner break and was driving out right as I was closing the door and he backed into the door. So, after the deductible, I am not very hesitant to even have my notifications on from garaget.


I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate timing with the remote door operation.

A surveillance camera is something that can be added without the specific support on Garadget’s part.
Other suggestions is to have opening alert enabled so you know when somebody is using garage.


Sounds like a safety beam would be in order. These can be fitted to the door opener independent of the garadget and reverse the door if it’s closing and the beam is broken.

Of course, if your son backed into a fully closed door, that’s a completely different matter. :scream:


I had that enabled, but he had told me he was done working at that time. He didn’t tell me (because I was gone that they had asked him to stay longer.

I guess I can get a web camera for the garage.

And to answer the other question that was posted after this, we have a safety beam. However the door was half way shut so the tires didn’t reach the safety beam.


A motion sensor that would prevent closing if motion was detected in the garage would solve the issue. Or a video camera that displayed the actual door in the app, not just a picture of a door.


My installer fitted the safety beams fairly low so I raised them to bumper height. At the time, I was driving a Land Rover so it easily straddled the beam.


Thanks @Rob_UK! Good idea. My vehicles both have high bumpers. And I no longer have kids who may be interested in laying their bikes (or themselves) on the garage door behind my vehicle.

@JohnLCruz, that would also be nice. I think that the motion sensor would be good as it could catch the potential movement into the path of the door from cars, balls, kids, teens, animals, etc.


You’re welcome. My garage is detached from the main house and my wife and I both tend to use the remote without being able to see what’s happening. My biggest nightmare was one of us operating the door while the other was halfway in/out so it made sense to lift the safety beams. The Garadget has an added bonus in that both phones alert when the door is opened so we’re at least aware the other is in the vicinity.