Accidently opening the garage door

Hi. Is there anyway that I can limit the radius of having the app work only if I’m 30 ft away from it or require an additional measure to prevent accidental opening of the garage. I can home today and saw that my garage door was opened for the last 4 hours. The only thing I can think of was that I let my 6 yr old play with my phone and they may have opened it by mistake. Any recommendations on how I can prevent this. The wife approval factor dropped immensely because of the accidental opening. Thanks in advance.

The beta version of iOS app allows fingerprint or password authentication for use of the app. There are also numerous third-party apps that would allow you to protect the use of Garadget app. You can always logout from the app too.

You can enable open notifications if you suspect this may happen again. Currently there is no location based limitation option. Part of the convenience is that you can control garage from anywhere.

That’s great. How would I be able to get or try the beta. Thanks

Please visit iOS beta discussion for more info.