Beta testers wanted for new Garadget iOS app

Garadget’s iOS app was rewritten from the ground up and we’re looking for beta testers to provide the feedback. If interested, please PM me your iTunes email address and I’ll send the invitations as soon as new app becomes available for testing. You’ll be able to continue using the old app as well.

In new implementation you’ll find the familiar user interface but also:

  • improved door status update on main screen
  • improved settings and alerts pages
  • support for optional fingerprint or password authentication

Android app will also get some love soon.

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Just installed the new iOS App:
Good first impressions.

  • Like the new “larger” door icons. I have an iPhone 6 Plus
  • Like the Authentication (touch id) option Note: Authenticate is spelled incorrectly.
  • Not sure if the location alert always had meters as the measurement; in the USA feet is more typical, but it’s not a show stopper. I didn’t use this feature before, but I have turned it on and will test it.
  • Unfortunately my alerts have stopped.since the new app.

Thanks for your feedback, Matt.
As an engineer I can’t say I’m a big fan of “freedom units”, but will see if this gets much push back.
Re. notifications: please see if re-enabling the notifications through the new app will bring back notifications.

Disabling and reenabling the alerts through the new app brought back notifications.

I like the fact that the new app confirms that that the notifications has been set.

A few things I noticed:
I also like the large icon too.

Switching between “items”, like alerts, settings, etc produces a wait that is noticeable- complete with an icon. I love the touch ID access! Very cool.

JUST downloaded the new beta update at midnight, a newer version. Can’t login with touch ID. App crashes immediately. Forced app closed and still can’t use touch ID. Have to cancel the prompt and use the manual login.

Had same issue. Had to delete old version and then reinstall. Now it works

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Thanks!! I deleted the beta version update and reinstalled. Logged in just fine.

Still have long “Loading” icon/animation when switching pages. So, I’m guessing that’s something in the background.

Unfortunately, this is the 3rd time I’ve had to delete the app and re-install it.

When I try to open the app on my phone, it starts to open momentarily, I see a message “loading” and then the app closes.

Not sure how to solve this issue. Hopefully with be fixed with the next update.

[I am using Garadget 2, Version:1.0.1 (14) ]

I received the link to the beta app and will instal and test as soon as I return home. Will send feedback asap.

I’ve reinstalled the app three or four times now. Mostly reinstalling due to accessing app issues. Every other install works. The other instances close immediately upon trying to open the app.

I have tested the app for the last few days. Many great improvements. Still having issues with crashes on launch. It appears to work for approximately 24 hours. Then will need to be deleted and reinstalled.

I think this might be an issue with your site auto logging us out after this period of time. As in the original app I have the same issue will not keep me logged in.

I also don’t understand what the location service is for will this be as you arrive it will auto open doors in the future? If this is a case you should have an option to open all or a single door.



Thanks for your feedback, all!

All the crashes are reported by the TestFlight and developer @yura.volpis will be looking into the logs and your messages shortly. When the issues are addressed, we’ll push a new release and will be doing this dance until the app is deemed stable.

New build (15) is out. The startup crash should be taken care of, fixed spelling and used new app icon.
Please update and report your findings here. Thanks!

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Just installed new (150 build. Will only show one door!. Loading icon will not go away.

Logged out and logged back into the account.
Did not impact this issue.

Both doors are up as seen in the web app

See if pull down refreshes the list.
The issue may be related to the leftover data from the last build.
Uninstall/re-install should take care of that too.

Sorry. should have said that. The pull down didn’t do anything. the Loading icon just stayed.

I uninstalled the app and re-installed it. Now both doors appear.

Need to reset (disable and enable) the alerts each time I install the app. The Location alert gets turned off when re-installing the app.

Note also the description for the time zone should say US & Canada, it says US &amp…)

Startup crash was fixed!! Long loading indicator when switching between screens - at least way more noticeable in this version.

Is the smaller icon in the bottom right for multiple doors? I clicked on it, just for fun, and had to force close the app -> there was a “loading” message that never went away.

Yes @abarbee314, that’s where additional doors are displayed.
Do you have one door setup and see something there? Can you provide a screenshot?

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Correct. I only have one door setup but I see a door icon in the lower right corner. I’ll try and attach it here…