Beta testers wanted for new Garadget iOS app

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FYI: the beta app crashed twice when I clicked “upload” in this thread to attach my iPhone picture. I’m using the regular app to reply.


A couple of observations from the previous and existing builds.

The beta apps appear to be holding the location services open. I noticed that the icon was displayed on my iPhone home screen etc. so went into location services and set the beta app to “Never”. This fixed the problem until I deleted the old beta and installed the new version, following which I reapplied the fix. The production app plays nicely so I have left that with “Always” setting.

Both beta apps show more signal bars for the wifi strength compared to the production app (5 vs 4). I know they are only indicative but just thought I’d mention it. I have no evidence either way but reckon the beta algorithm is probably more accurate given that my garage is about 15 foot straight line from the router.


The location services are used for the departure alert. For battery conservation, the app should be using “significant change” mode which relies on WiFi and cellular network handovers and it should not be active when the feature is not enabled. (@yura.volpis)

For beta I provided the developer with the same signal strength ranges as I used in web interface. The plan is to have all apps display the bars consistently.


When the app has been closed for an extended period of time (e.g., overnight) the second door shows as an exclamation point. It will not update unless you “pull down” to refresh the screen. Thx


Not a major issue but in settings, the last contact time keeps flipping between 0 and 1 secs.


Every time in close the app and reopen I get the log in page. This is a new behavior in this release.

Also when using this portion of the app, if I try to upload a picture the app crashes.


Here is the picture that I was trying to upload. Each time I open the app I get an error message then this screen appears asking me if I want to create a new account.


I’m also being asked to login every time I open the beta app.


Click on the garadget logo in the top left and make sure “authenticate” is unchecked. If you switch it on, you’ll need to logon to garadget when you open the app. It will accept Touch ID but seems a bit OTT unless you are using an unlocked IOS device.


I’m a new user and have downloaded the app to set up my device. I was able to get to the point of updating firmware and now the app crashes. I’ve deleted and reinstalled twice and it still crashes. How can i solve this?


@Donniel2, do you experience crashes in beta version or the stock version from the marketplace?


Just got the brand new beta update this morning. Still seeing the mystery second door icon even though I only have one door and one Garadget. I’d have no clue that a “pull down” on the screen would refresh the app (it’s not listed/mentioned anywhere), either.

Clicking the upload link in this window on my iPhone also crashed the app. I’ll have to use the public app to include my screen shot.



Thanks for the update @abarbee314, the developer will look into this issue.


A couple of things with the new update:

  • Still need to go in and turn off and turn on all notifications in order to get the notifications to work after installing the updated app. When you log-in the notifications show as active, but do not work until you turn each one off and then back on again.

  • Time zone description should say US & Canada, it says US &amp…)

  • when you turn on and off the timeout alert, it defaults to 30 seconds. Should it default to a higher number? I set mine at 20 minutes…

Apprecaite the opportunity to give an opinion.


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A few problems of cropped up.

First, when you first login the system shows both doors off-line. The only way to get them back online is the tap each door separately.

Second, one of the doors showed up with an underscore in the name. When I try to change the name I couldn’t get the program to except the new name the only thing that happened was the “wait” continued to scroll

For some reason, this cleared itself in a day.

Finally, I still have to re-login with user name and password if I don’t access the app for a long period of time, e.g., overnight



When I trigger the door (to either open or close) and then quit the app with either the home button or sleep button, the open/close animation and timer are stalled. When I next open the app, the animation and timer have to finish before the status is updated or I can again trigger the door. This causes unnecessary delays when using the app, since I almost never leave the app open more than a couple seconds after triggering the door.


Hi Denis,

A couple more observations on the latest version.

Wifi signal is still consistently 1 bar better on the beta compared to the production app. In settings it shows as 60db vs 64db respectively from the same garadget unit.

Last contact time is still unstable flicking from 0,1 secs although it did get to 6 secs.

On the beta, each time you move away from the main screen that displays the door animation, there’s a brief “loading” animation. So if you go to “settings” for example and back again, the loading animation appears. It’s quite annoying more than anything and the production app doesn’t display this (albeit it may still be happening.

The beta door animation doesn’t always catch up with the true status. If I open with the beta and then close with the production app, the beta animation shows the door as open. It will still close the door when required so it’s a display rather than functional glitch. The production app picks up the correct status whichever app is used.
I just checked this again looking out of the window !


Thanks for testing the app and posting your findings.

re. signal level: the dB readings are coming from the unit and displayed without change. The value can change over time and it is likely that app show the values from different time. The interpretation of the dB values into the bars was brought in sync with the web app.

re. loading animation: the status displayed by the app is of the remote device so it takes some time to sync the current status. It is important to do it each time the app is opened or each time you return to the main screen so the tap on the door results in the command that you intended to issue.

re. states & animation: there were some improvements made in the latest build. Please check.