Beta testers wanted for new Garadget iOS app

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Hi Denis,

Just downloaded the latest version 1.0.2 (21). One item that requires attention.

I can not access my second door. The “loading” icon just continues to scroll. The “active door” (Door 1 BY) works okay.

Here is what I have tried to (unsuccessfully) resolve the issue:

  • Pull down on the main screen. The screen will go blank (both door disappear) and then after a few seconds of the loading icon they both come back

  • Shut down the app and restarted it.

  • Deleted the app and re-installed it.

  • Rebooted the phone

Any other suggestions? Thanks!


I have a test account with multiple units and another with a single unit.
Re-logging between the account, and both seem to work fine.

I’ll PM you the info for the test account with multiple units so you can try it on your device.


I think I’m able to reproduce the problem now. Will take care of it in the coming build.


Got it. Thanks Denis


I am also seeing the flicker for the Last Contact time (0 and 1 seconds).

The loading animation is also quite lengthy for me too.


Re. Last contact flicker: These are actually a live values. The screen continuously updates the info so you can observe the status, signal strength etc in near real time. We can replace 0-5 seconds with something like “just now” and only show the count when unit is timing out. Thoughts?

Re. Switch issue with multiple doors. New build is coming later today. You may need to logout and uninstall the app before installing the new build to make sure all cached data is gone.

We’re getting close. Thanks everybody for testing the app.


Re: last contact flicker, yes. Something like “just now” or “current” would be more helpful or meaningful (to me at least).



I would just leave it off the settings page as in the production application. That’s on the basis that I’m not really bothered whether it checked the status 0, 1, or 6 seconds ago. It may be of interest to developers but my assumption is that as long as Garadget is online, the status is fairly up-to-date and if Garadget is offline, I need to do something about it.

I guess the parallel is my Ring doorbell where the battery status is only updated when activity happens or about every 10-12 hours. If I really need to know the status right now, I open the door and press the bell (or send the wife if it’s raining)


Overall settings page is not the place where users are expected to spend much time.
My thinking was that on those rare occasions it is visited for settings and/or troubleshooting, it should give as much information about the state of the unit as available.


The latest update [Garadget 2 1.0.2 (22) for iOS] seems to have resolved the issue with multiple units. Thanks.


Denis I agree with you that the use of the setting page for troubleshooting is good information to have


I’m having problems with the beta app (build 22). At 20:43 GMT I tried to open the door via the app and received 2 opening and closing alerts back to back but the door didn’t move. The standard production app worked fine.

Not sure if this is a widespread problem.


Thanks for the info, Rob.
Can you reliably reproduce this issue?
Is it possible that you issued multiple commands resulting in the door returning to the previous position?



I just tried again at 21:08 and got open/closed/open alerts and the door opened. I then tried to close it and no response. Tried again and got closed alerts and it worked.

It’s possible I may have fat fingered before in that I caught the screen as it was loading.

I’ll try again tomorrow as it’s dark now and the garage is away from the house.




Sorry, that should read one closed alert when it successfully closed (vs the 3 alerts on opening).


Yes, it helps to be a the location while experimenting. If you get the same results in the web app, the the issue is not related to the iOS app.

There might be something reflective on the door that the beam hits while the door in motion, creating additional closed/open events. In this case you can just cover reflective surface that laser hits.



I’m pretty certain it’s not a spurious reflection because the reflector is mounted at the top of my sectional door. Almost as soon as the door moves, the beam would be firing outside - it’s also nighttime here so no stray light etc.

The alerts were so fast that I don’t think any motion occurred as both apps have operated the door faultlessly up to now. The only past issues have been alert related.

Either way, I’ll have a proper try tomorrow and report back.



Okay, I just had chance to try it again with mixed results. The good news is that the door physically opens so it just seems to be the alerts and status that are out of whack.

First attempt, I got open/closed/open/closed alerts back to back. The door opened and the status reported as “closed”. I then used the app to close the door and this worked fine but no alert received.

Second attempt, I got open/closed/open alerts. The door opened and the status reported as “open”. The door subsequently closed okay and generated the closed alert.

On my setup, the position of the reflector relative to the door position means that I get an open alert once the door has moved up around 12" and the closed alert when it is a similar distance from being completely closed, so a back to back open/closed sequence is very unusual and would only occur if the physical operation was interrupted. I can confirm that this hasn’t been the case.


I suspect the issue is related to your unorthodox reflector configuration. The sensor is probably still detecting the “closed” state on the scan cycle following the open command. See if there’s any way to break the reflection as soon as the door starts moving. You can also decrease the chances of additional events by increasing the scan time from default one second to say five.



As it happens, my default scan time is already set to 5 seconds.

It only affects the beta app - the legacy production app handles the situation flawlessly with the same hardware configuration and application settings.

My door is a solid sectional door (no windows in the door or garage) with the reflector set on the top segment and the garadget fixed slightly ahead of the opener motor. The distance to the reflector is probably around 10 feet and the deflection angle less than 10-15 degrees.