Beta testers wanted for new Garadget iOS app

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Ok, thanks for the info, Rob.
I’ll ask developer to look into this.



If its only affecting me, I can always fall back on the legacy app or delete and reinstall the beta.



Please check if logging out, deleting and reinstalling helps it.
Even if it’s just you, I’d like to get to the bottom of this.



I signed out and deleted the reduction legacy app and the beta and then used the web app. The door opened and reported its status ok.

I reinstalled the legacy app and signed in. When the door opened, the open/close alerts were generated and the door reported as closed even though it was physically open. This erroneous status was also reflected in the web app.

In installed the beta and same results.

Now, whichever route I use to open the door, I get open/close alerts and the status briefly shows “openening” the immediately reports as “closed”. When I close the door, I again get open/close alerts and the status reports closed.

I have now signed out of both iOS apps and deleted them. The web app is now exhibiting the same behaviour i.e. opening the door has generated open/close and a status of closed when the door is physically open. Although aftr 10 seconds or so, it showed the opening status again and the door status has changed to open (which matches the physical status).

A follow up test on the web app was the same but with around 50-60 seconds before the opening message and correct status to be shown.




This doesn’t sound like issue in the app, especially since you’re getting the similar results in all.
Either there is some latency issue or the device is not detecting the state correctly.
Before we dig deeper, please see if resetting the hardware by pressing “R” button makes any difference.



I think the problem has resolved itself without the need for a reset - which I was going to try today before I ended up painting a fence instead.

Basically I signed out and deinstalled everything on the iPhone (where the beta was installed) as described on Monday/Tuesday and reset the alerts.

I then reinstalled the standard app and disabled/enabled the alerts. I noticed that the scan time had changed to 2 or 3 times a second so I reset back to my preference of every 5 seconds. Progress - no alerts at all yesterday.

Then I remembered I have the app on the iPad and signed out ad back in on that. The scan settings were fine at 5 seconds.

Today, the alerts seem to be arriving normally and the door functions and reports its status just fine.

I haven’t reinstalled the beta yet but my thinking is that something set the scan periods to the default and life got confused across the 3 iOS apps. Interestingly, I think the iPad was ok all along but I rarely use the app to check on the door, much less to operate it.

I haven’t reset or powered off the garadget unit so software conflict looks the likely cause.




Glad to hear things are working now. Just keep an eye on it and let me know if you need any assistance.


Any idea how close this beta app is to go live ?


I find it still pretty raw. I requested developer to publish the code in github so I can go over it.


I had problems with the original iOS app showing the garadget as offline and going unresponsive, although I did get open/close alerts when using my door remote. So I reinstalled the Beta which showed the door offline but would operate the door. The Beta also showed an up to date last connection time whereas the production app could not.

The garadget unit just played happily with a pulsing blue light and laser scan operating normally. iPad app looks all good.

I reinstalled the original iOS app and no change so I deleted it again and reset the garadget. Some improvement but the original app only hangs on to the connection for one cycle.

I know the wifi algorithm is the same between the apps, but these are the screen prints with the original iOS app showing less bars than the beta and I switched as fast as I could and also watched the iPad to confirm it wasn’t an across the piece drop in wifi.


The number of bars can be different depending on the app implementation. The settings page will show the actual signal strength reported by the unit in dB.

The offline message may be related to the connection quality between the client device and server. Please check if there is a difference between the native app and the web app on the same device.


Don’t recall if I’ve shared this regarding the beta app: I also find the connection strength is stronger in that version, as mentioned above.

The only “issue” I’ve had are the long LOADING screens. I’ll attempt to add a screenshot with my phone in this post. Switching from alerts to settings to the main screen or even just opening the app triggers the “Loading” message - which seems to be way longer than the native app.


Denis, something else I’ve noticed is that I can’t leave the app running and lock my phone. The open and close controls are non responsive in the beta app when I still have it running (after unlocking my phone). After I force it closed and reopen then I can use it again.


Thanks for your report, @abarbee314.


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I seem to get partial door opens which I never got before. Opens about 1 foot then stops. Fortunately I can action it from the app which in past I couldn’t. Any thoughts as to why it would stop moving?


The scenario you describe is possible when Garadget thinks the door is in the stopped state (it takes two button pushes to open). Do you get a reliable sensor reading? Can you confirm that in web app?


Done a few days testing now … here is the results

When I open the door I always get 3 messages




When closing I only get one


Always a delay on opening / closing for a few seconds and the timing is awalys out ( Iv put in the door length time )

Bigger icon is good , but it does not display the name of the garage door completely ( old app does fine )

Hope that helps


The new app is now live in the marketplace with the legacy app also available for now. You can run both alongside and provide your feedback which is much appreciated.


This problem has made my garadgets in operable, I am now forced to get out of the vehicle and open with the wall switch. Very fustrating