Beta testers wanted for new Garadget iOS app

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Eric, I sent you a password reset email.


I’m not sure why. I have my password. My issue is that when I open the app and switch doors it locks up and just spins. I give tried deleting the app, logging out and logging in, and shutting down the app completely.


Does it work with initially selected door before you attempt to switch?
Are you able to control all of your doors from old version of the app and web interface?


yes whatever the door that is up top can be controlled, however if you need to switch doors it crashes the app. As my luck has had it the door I need is never the one that pops up


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Improved iOS app is ready for testing. If interested please join the testers group at:

Garadget app - annoying sign-in

Just downloaded the app. Although I am mildly concerned - my door magically opened 20 minutes ago and I am pretty sure my wife is not home early. And my son is still in school. That was right after I downloaded the new version… Hmm…


Can you try to repeat the same actions and see if this happens again?
The app doesn’t have code to autonomously operate the door, only when explicitly requested by user.


I deleted the beta app and downloaded it again from Test Flight on my iPhone. No weird behaviors yet. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing. Thanks for checking in Denis.


I have the beta app installed. So far so good, using it for about a week. Only thing I have noticed is I no longer get an indicator showing the door open/close progress. I used to get this. I did have to relocate the garadget to a beam because it was vibrating too much and throwing off the laser.

anyone else having issue with the beta app not showing door open/close progress?


Nvm - seems to be working fine now…