Alexa confused by Garagio


Would you please send the link or authorize me to beta test the Smart Garage skill? I clicked the link and wouldn’t allow me to use.


David, I will send the invite. Please PM your amazon account email.


Also looking for an invite to the beta as I’m recently broken as discussed.
My profile email is not the same as my Amazon account email.


I’ve sent the invite.
If you haven’t received it, please use this link to proceed with the test access.


I got the invite, Thanks. Would it be possible to authorize the Beta Test invite for my primary Amazon Echo account email address (not my profile email)? I get an error attempting to open the link with the currently authorized email account. I can resend that email address to you via pm at you your convenience. Thanks


I’ve sent another invite to the email in your PM.


Please re-invite me for the smart garage it shows I am not longer allowed to use it


David, you appear to be on the list.
Anybody in the test group should be able to access using this link.


thank that link worked guess it just got deleted or something I don’t know thanks again keep up the great support and work its greatly appreciated! BTW like Smart Garage better works everytime!


I would love to test the new Alexa skill as well. Can you please send me an invite?



Invite sent.


Thanks, it seems to work very well, much easier to initiate that the other one!


Hi, Can I have an invite as well as I am experiencing the same issue.


I sent the invite to email address in your community profile.


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Got Garadget in early January. Immediately had the Garagio problem. Found this forum right away and hoped for a fix to automatically update things. Now April and still have same problem. Looks like I need an invite for a beta test or something. Hassle factor is becoming high for me who just wanted to hook it up and have it work. Please provide step by step dummy proof instructions. Thanks!


I would love to test the new Alexa skill as well. Can you please send me an invite?


The new skill has passed the certification and now it’s finally live in marketplace.
Your :star::star::star::star::star: reviews are be greatly appreciated.

Usage is similar to the original skill with invocation phrase “smart garage” instead of “garadget”:

“Alexa, tell Smart Garage to close all doors”
“Alexa, ask Smart Garage the status of workshop garage”
“Alexa, ask Smart Garage about recent events”

For full info please see the announcement for the original skill.