Amazon Echo Alexa Skill in UK

I’m in the UK and therefore use the UK Alexa Skill store(?)… The Garadget skill doesn’t appear in the store here for some reason. I guess it’s because it needs to be separately published - would this be possible? I’m fairly sure that few if any updates would be needed to obtain this.

Of course, happy to help if and where I can.

Yes, this has been recently requested and it’s on the list. Please expect it published around early November.

Great news, many thanks, look forward to this.

Just bought an Amazon Dot, can Garadgets be linked to it and if so is there any set up instructions for this?

Yes, just search for “Garadget Smart Garage” skill in your Alexa app.

Thanks Denis, as always great customer care.

Is there a way for Alexa to distinguish between two Garadgets as I have 2 doors running off separate units?

You can refer doors by name or number.
If the names are generic Alexa may have difficulties distinguishing them. Numbers always work.