Android app never shows door closed unless app is closed and restarted


Just installed my Garadget. One issue I am having is that when I close my garage door from anything other than the app (wall switch, remote opener), the app does not register that the door is closed. When I close the app and restart it, it then correctly displays that the door is closed. Opening doesn’t seem to be a problem. I have 98 on the reflection, sensor reads are 3 and sensor threshold is 10.

Also, nothing in the android app settings saves unless I close out of the app and restart it. I can change settings (scan period, sensor threshold, etc) and then when I leave the settings page and come right back in my settings did not save. However, if I close out the app and restart, then the settings have changed.

Also, another concerning issue was a few hours after installation, after closing the app and restarting, it somehow had my device name as “ninja pizza”. I never typed anything in this box ever, much less ninja pizza. I am not joking. This is extremely concerning.

The device name keeps switching back to ‘ninja pizza’ even after I name it something else.

Please advise.


Hey Chops1320,

Regarding the registering of the door being opened or closed, I ran into this problem too. What I do is, in the app, I place my finger at the top on some white space, and pull down. That causes the app to refresh the status from the cloud. I would like it if this did not have to be done, but it is a workaround.

As for the naming, yeah. Something about the app sucks with regards to naming. Worse than that, once you get it right, on an update it gets wonky again. I wish I had Android skills to maybe fix it. But over the last 6 months the app has slowly gotten better, to the point I was happy to buy a second unit.