Android app never shows door closed unless app is closed and restarted

Just installed my Garadget. One issue I am having is that when I close my garage door from anything other than the app (wall switch, remote opener), the app does not register that the door is closed. When I close the app and restart it, it then correctly displays that the door is closed. Opening doesn’t seem to be a problem. I have 98 on the reflection, sensor reads are 3 and sensor threshold is 10.

Also, nothing in the android app settings saves unless I close out of the app and restart it. I can change settings (scan period, sensor threshold, etc) and then when I leave the settings page and come right back in my settings did not save. However, if I close out the app and restart, then the settings have changed.

Also, another concerning issue was a few hours after installation, after closing the app and restarting, it somehow had my device name as “ninja pizza”. I never typed anything in this box ever, much less ninja pizza. I am not joking. This is extremely concerning.

The device name keeps switching back to ‘ninja pizza’ even after I name it something else.

Please advise.

Hey Chops1320,

Regarding the registering of the door being opened or closed, I ran into this problem too. What I do is, in the app, I place my finger at the top on some white space, and pull down. That causes the app to refresh the status from the cloud. I would like it if this did not have to be done, but it is a workaround.

As for the naming, yeah. Something about the app sucks with regards to naming. Worse than that, once you get it right, on an update it gets wonky again. I wish I had Android skills to maybe fix it. But over the last 6 months the app has slowly gotten better, to the point I was happy to buy a second unit.


I can state that this is still an issue. Any idea of when a fix will be?

Are you referring to the door name resetting?

No, the garadget app shows the door up when it’s really down. Restarting or refreshing the app shows the door down, but when it goes through another cycle it again shows up when it’s down.

I’m having the same issue. The app is just generally completely out of sync with the door, whereas if I log into the Web app through the browser, everything looks fine. I first thought the device itself wasn’t working and went through a lot of debugging, but then realized that it’s the app that’s not really working. It’s pretty useless as it is, since I can’t trust it. I probably won’t be using it much, but it would be nice to know it’s accurate if I ever do need to use it.

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Please check if you experience similar issue with the current beta version of the app. Please let us know your findings and we’ll make corrections as needed.

I haven’t had the chance to play with it over an extended period (we are in the midst of a renovation and not living at the house where the garadget is installed), but I did install the beta and play with it a bit tonight. It seems to have the same issue. I’ve now hooked the Garadget up to a SmartThings hub and can operate it from the SmartThings app. I opened and closed the door from the app and during the entire cycle, the status in the Garadget app remained unchanged (it was reported as closed). Meanwhile, the Web app was (mostly) reporting the correct status (I say mostly because it has suddenly started periodically reporting that the door is off-line—I haven’t gotten to the bottom of that behavior). The SmartThings app seems to be pretty accurate, although it takes some time after the door is already open to stop reporting the status “opening” and switch to “open,” so that it can be closed again. When I opened the garage door manually, the SmartThings app properly reported the change in status, but the Garadget app did not. Next time I’m at the house, I’ll try to dig a little deeper.