Apple Watch app


Hi I am new here would like to know if there is an app for the Apple Watch if not when will it be available?
Thanks a lot


I have the same question. Would love to be able to monitor, open and close the garage door just with Watch. Would only need to be a very simple app. Button for Open/Close and status


+1 for this suggestion.


Check out simple commands app. It supports Garadget and works on Apple Watch.


Any suggestions for Siri on Apple Watch? Or other voice command from Apple Watch?


That was a suggestion for Apple Watch. Also please check out the community contributed integration for HomeKit.


I haven’t been able to get voice activation working on Simple Commands. Better than nothing on Apple Watch, but I wonder if I’m just missing something.


Try reaching out to them. They seem to be a responsive bunch.


FWIW, I setup Homebridge to allow for Homekit integration with Garadget. I use voice commands with Siri without issue. I don’t have an Apple Watch, but would guess the Home app on the Apple watch would work the same as the phone?


There is no reason why it wouldn’t. It’s standard Apple service.


Hi can you help how to do that ?


Siri command on the phone would be great

Can you advise in laymen’s terms on how to make it happen, thanks


Hi Sukru.

Take a look at this post in the forum. It should help.


Hi psashy.

See my recent post to Sukru for the how-to. To your question in laymen’s terms, the goal is to get Garadget working with HomeKit, Apple’s home control software. The challenge is that Apple has a set list of supported devices, of which Garadget is not one of them. Homebridge is a server you can run at home on Mac, Win and Linux that will allow you to add devices, like Garadget, to Apple’s Home app you run on your iOS devices.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, will give it a go, much appreciated


Thanks a lot for the reply
Looks pretty complicated.