Blinking Blue Light After Install


Successfully added door in App and set up Garadget, to connect to home WiFi. Connected to ceiling garage plug, positioned to reflect, . Attached to garage opener base. Device recognized open/closed, and App correctly so indicated. Powered down the Garadget, connected hardwire to garage opened correct opener screws. Now, Garadget then only rapidly blinked green light continuously. Followed suggestion to press “M” for 3 seconds. Now slow blinking blue light, and cannot get it to connect to home WiFi. Help, please!


If the LED indication is slow dark blue blinks then the unit is in the listening mode. You can use “add door” button in the app to re-configure the WiFi connection.

Fast blinking green earlier indicated that Garadget couldn’t reconnect to WiFi router.

Please try re-configuring again and if there is a problem with WiFi connection again, then we’ll look at the ways to address it (move unit so opener doesn’t shield it, add repeater, add external antenna etc.)


Problem solved. I unplugged the device and then removed the bracket screw holding it to the garage opener case. Took it into the house where my WiFI router is. I replugged the device in, and it quickly recognized the WiFi began pulsing the laser correctly. Unplugged again and reinstalled in its bracket in the garage, and it seems to work fine now.



Weak WiFi link (2 bars) has led to connection disruptions. AM adding a Netgear WiFi extender that adds an _EXT extension to my home WiFi network name. How do I reconfigure the Garadget settings to recognize the “new” WiFi network name? Thanks.


Glad to hear you figured out the root cause of the issue. To re-configure your unit for a different access point, put it in the listening mode and then re-add it from the add by clicking on “add door” button and following the instructions.