Entering Listening Mode

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To setup a new device or to update the WiFi credentials, Garadget has to be switched into Listening Mode.
This is the mode in which it becomes an open WiFi hotspot with SSID name like Photon-XXXX.

To enter the listening mode press and hold “M” (mode) button for about 3 seconds until LED starts blinking dark blue.

If Garadget was previously configured, then pressing “R” (reset) will end listening mode and the device will attempt re-connecting to the network using old password.

To completely erase previously saved WiFi login information from the memory, press and hold “M” (mode) button for about 10 seconds until a series of fast blue LED blinks. After such reset Garadget will remain in listening mode until configured with new WiFi credentials.

When powered up the new Garadget units automatically enter the listening mode following a short initialization period (white LED blinks).

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