Cannot setup the device

I select add door, then click ready, I Click Photon-MTlW. The app flashes “Connecting to Garadget several times then reports” Please trying running setup again… " I cannot get it to connect.

Need help…

Hello Greg,
After you clicked ready in app you need to exit to home screen and connect to Garadget’s access point using your phone’s settings. When system indicates the successful connection then you return to the app.

If this is how you do it, then please try using some other WiFi device for the setup.
If the issue persists, please send the screenshot of the error message.

No, I was not performing the setup correctly however, after reading your instructions I was able to create a door. Currently, Its not tracking correctly but I may need to adjust it some and read the wiring instructions again.

Thanks for replying so quickly and helping me out…


My pleasure, Gregg.
Please let me know if you need help with the sensor.

This is my chamberlain garage door opener. Some bad wiring here but this is what I got when I purchased the house last year. I used the two connections on the left and I can open the door with the app however, it will not close.

Any ideas?



Also, when the app does open the door the wall opener no longer works. In addition, the only status I get is stopped. The reflection is 98% so I am getting good light.

With reflection 98% and the threshold set to default 15, the app should report the door as closed.
Please confirm with the web interface.

When it comes to close command not working: do you happen to have a multi-meter?
With it, we can test if Garadget’s relay disengages after configured “On time”.

Yes, I have a multimeter. I set it to continuity. No continuity at rest. When I clicked the app to open the door it registered continuity for 30 seconds before releasing.

my settings are relay on time 0.2. Relay off time 0.3

Please go into the settings and set all values to the defaults as described here.

I made each one of those setup changes however, it continues to have continuity for 30 seconds and then releasing.

Can you PM me the device ID so I can check that the settings got saved correctly.

Sorry I am so stupid but what is PM?

Personal message.
Just click on the profile icon and there will be a blue “message” button.

did you get the ID???

Yes, got the ID. Please reset the alert settings to default as well.


Thanks for helping me… Im not ready to give up on this device yet? I think it could really be cool if we can get it working correctly

It needs to release continuity after the door opens

We’ll get it working, no worries.

I’m not seeing the settings being reset to defaults.
Please make sure you’re using the web app and set each individual setting.

Oh, sorry I was using the mobile app