Cannot setup the device

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Ok, one last stupid question. How do I get to the web app? I promise no more dumb questions


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions for as long as it’s needed to get your setup working right.
The web interface is at


Ok Denis. They are set.


Tried the continuity test again and it is still does not release for 30 seconds


I’m still seeing out-of-range values for both settings and alerts.
This includes very long “relay on” setting that causes the relay to stick.

Please try carefully following “Garadget shows in the account but does not work right” solution in troubleshooting section of the Setup Instructions.

As mentioned in PM, I can login to your account and make these changes if you prefer.


ok Denis. I was using the setting profile you pointed to in your message. Go ahead and adjust them. Maybe I misunderstood


success. It only holds the connection for a second.


Now I will hook it up to the controller and try the door.

Thanks Denis!


Awesome! And just to make it clear, you’re talking about relay circuit remaining closed for a fraction of a second as configured and not WiFi connection which should remain connected all the time.


Totally understand that. The door is working properly now. I can see that I might have to get some reflecting tape to widen the reflective area. The sensor tends to move ever so slightly from time to time.


I need help. All app and wifi setup went fine with the device, install laser to reflective tape all good. The problem is that I wired the 2 relay wire direct in parallel to the same wires from the wired button on a Genie IntelliG SilentMax 1000. It sure seems like Genie is using communication on these lines, not just dry contact relays. Any advise?


@dahuber, You can use a dry contacts adapter as pointed out by @abarbee314 in this post or you can use a spare remote control wired to Garadget terminal like shown here.

Please let me know if you need any further with this. You can mail the remote to me for wiring if soldering is not something you want to deal with.