Compatibility with SWS seceuroglide (UK)

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I am in the UK and have a pair of SWS seceuroglide roller doors, each of which has their own controller, wall mounted next to the garage doors … Link to garage door product … The wall controller is a TVPRP868C10SE (it doesn’t appear to have documentation available on line … I have a printed manual)

Each uses a dedicated remote control … (they can be 1, 2, or 4 channel controllers) … the following are compatible (868 Mhz) … compatible remote

This is the mini PCB for the remote …

Having read a few posts, I wanted to check if Garadget would work directly with the wall mounted controllers or whether I would need to do a hack, and solder to the remote controls

The remotes / wall units are programmable (so one button can be set up to open AND close; or one button open/one button close etc)

Would very much value your advice

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The work-around with the native remote (keyfob or wall) is always an option, but it’s worth trying direct wired connection first.

Please post the picture of the terminals on the opener if there are any. We’ll try to figure out if there is a simple wall button option there. If there are a couple of wires going to the wall console you can just try shorting them to see if that operates the door.

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Picture from the manual attached …

Hopefully this gives you what you need? Let me know …

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Yes, the connection is to low voltage terminals marked 19 and 20.
You can test it by momentarily shorting the two and confirming that this activates the door.

Hey jools, did you get this working?

Admin, I’m thinking of getting the same garage door as jools, can you confirm that the garadget will work?
The pics I’ve seen seem to be more for the sectional door type rather than rollers (line of sight is better from further back in the garage, I guess). Is the garadget appropriate for roller doors too?


Hi Fergus

Yes, it was pretty straight fowards in the end … as per garadget’s reply, connected to terminal 19 and 20 and works fine for me whether using the app or using the regular control panel or remotes.

I also have smartthings integration working


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Excellent, thanks for that.
I guess that means Alexa integration would be fine as well?
Command-wise, it’s a separate command for open and close? (I saw something similar where the command is “Activate garage door” which isn’t terribly useful when doing it from afar!)