Somfy roller door compatibility /wiring help (UK)

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Im interested in buying this for my roller door but want to make sure it will work. I’ve read this post: Compatibility with SWS seceuroglide (UK)

I have a SOMFY compact roller door with securosmart sensors.

Ive tested my controller by test shorting the connectors which seems to work however I have a switch common (T14) with an open switch input (T13) and a close switch input (T15). I have the sensor transmitters so it will work with a single press, but does your product wiring support this type of connection?

Also where would I place the laser and reflector on this type of door, saw this post which may be the way to go, but I have a cover over the roller - Installation with roller shutter


Hi jclipwork

See attached photo … this is my working configuration.

The reflective disc is stuck directly on the door near the top; the laser transceiver is on the battons on the ceiling, with a wire going to the control unit and power

Hope that helps



Thanks joolster, that answers one part of my question. Im also wondering if I can mount the laser transmitter closer to the door on the RHS - keeping the length of wire back to the controller to a minimum


Yes, you can have Garadget closer to the door. You may need to bump up the threshold value in settings if you get too much reflection from areas other than sticker.


I need the wiring information, it looks like I’d need 3 wires, the unit only has 2.


I am also in the UK and recently upgraded my door and now also have a Somfy motor.

I will greatly appreciate any advice from the community to help me correct wire the Garadget to my Somfy motor



Kabous, is your opener the same model as in the pictures above?


Mine is slightly different


For Somfy Rollixo RTS use connections #10 & #11 on the terminal block:

The complete installation manual can be found here


Awesome! It seems so obvious now that you have told me what to do. Thank you every so much for your help and support


So you’ll answer a question somebody tags onto my post, but wont answer mine?


From the manual it appears that multiple buttons are required to operate your opener. Garadget can only control one.

Is there a compatible wireless remote you can use with your opener? Typically they support single button operation and it’s possible to wire Garadget to that button inside of the remote. See these posts for examples of this work-around.


The remote is the same, one button to open,one button to close & one button to stop. Looks like it’s not the product for me. Thanks for responding