Control your garage with Google Voice

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Hi all,
If you are interested in using Google Voice to open you garage, then read on.

Some time ago I did a Google voice integration in order to open my own Particle based garage opener.
I believe this integration can be done with your Garadget as well, since it’s using the same platform.
Here’s a link to the article describing how you could do the same.

There’s the video that shows this integration at work:

Note: It only works on Android.

Hope you like it!

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Are these the setting for Garadget or for your own hardware you made?

enter in Server:Port
enter in Data/File


Hi DrVon,

That is for my project, maybe @garadget knows exactly what would be the function to call so the garage is opened?


That token is particular to each account, so you have to enter your own. More info here.

Hope it helps,


Both device ID and access token can be obtained from web interface.

  1. Device ID is shown in the settings
  2. Access token can be copied from the requests using the document inspector: right click anywhere in the page and select “Inspect” from the context menu. Go to the “Network” tab in the window that opens. Observe periodic requests submitted by the page with access_token parameter in them.


OK I will give this a go when I get my unit installed


OK Here is the info I’m getting from the inspector when I toggle the garage open from the web page

I have my tasker settings as follows

Server port
Request URL:

access_token=my access token

and nothing is appearing in the inspector. I thing the command is arg=open but unsure where to put this item.


In General section you see that this is “POST” type http request. Form data is what is passed to the script. It’s the equivalent of submitting the web form like this:

<form action=" /setState" method="POST">
    <input type="text" name="access_token" value="..." />
    <input type="text" name="arg" value="open" />

So arg=open goes in the same place where access_token=…

Here’s a post related to tasker specifically.

Ryan, please report your success or post more questions. Things like this is the reason Garadget is open source.


So I got it working. Now I would like to get a bit status if the door is opened or closed. 1 or a 0 type of thing. Is there a variable available?

This will be voice control with a pebble watch once completed. I will do a write up on it once completed.


To get the state of the door you need to read variable doorStatus and check if it contains text closed in what you get in response. All variables are documented in the Garadget’s GitHub repository.

Also check out @petersumm’s to Garadget’s Pebble App.


These are the tasker settings which worked for me:-




Data / File