Device configured but does not show in account


The setup was completed multiple times. But it does not show up in my account. Also pressed R to see if it would show up in account. But still no luck.

Executed setup procedure many times.

Please help.

No Doors Found while light is Cyan

The issue got resolved over the PM, but if somebody else encounters the same situation, here’s the info:

Garadget is claimed in the account in the process of the setup from the mobile or web app. If unit was connected online by using the embedded web interface ( or claiming process didn’t work for some other reason it is still possible to add the device to account by running a command line:

particle login
particle device add [device id]

Garadget has to be connected to server (slow cyan pulsing LED) at the time of the command.

If setting up and running command lines is too technical then please PM us the device ID and credentials for temporary access to your account so we can do it for you. Please make sure that:

  • you don’t use the same password for any of your other accounts
  • you change the password after we finish