Face ID Suppport to IOS App


I’ve been using Garadet for a couple of months now and am loving it. It works well for me, and the IOS App works well on my iPhone 6s Plus.

I recently changed to an iPhone XS Max, and with it, Touch ID has been replaced by Face ID. Sadly, I find that the Garadget App doesn’t support Face ID - it only have Touch ID support, when if I have that option enabled on my XS Max, the app crashes when I launch it, and the only way to recover is to delete the app and reinstall. I find using the old password cumbersome if I want to secure my app access.

It would be great if you could consider amending the app to support Face ID on the newer iPhones?



Thank you for your suggestion.
Yes, this feature is on our todo list.

That’s good to know. Looking forward to your updated app.

That goes double for me. I just like the extra protection of not accidentally hitting the open or close function as I clumsily fumble the smaller iPhone X around in my over sized hands.

So I’m thinking of updating to new phone so are you saying that you can use garadget at all with new iPhone?? Be specific that might be a huge deal breaker

The issue discussed here pertains to Touch ID vs Face ID. The rest of the app’s functionality is the same across iPhone versions.