Firmware Release v1.20


This is a topic to discuss questions and issues related to v1.20 firmware release.

The update is now published. Your Garadget will receive it upon its next reconnect or reboot. You can initiate the process at your convenience by pressing “R” (reset) button.

For information on configuring MQTT, please visit this post.



Since the update, Garadget is blinking magenta slowly and impossible to reconnect it to my network.

Please help me !


@Breizhelvete, don’t worry, we’ll sort this out.

First, please try to powering your Garadget down and powering it back up.
The best way to do that without putting stress on USB connector is by pulling the power adapter from outlet.
Let me know if this doesn’t get the update through.


I turned it off and then on again but still nothing, it continues blinking magenta (after blinking quickly green then blue at startup)


Let’s try to rule out connection related issues. Can you please remove M4 screw holding the main enclosure to the mount and power up your unit closer to WiFi router.


The unit is now near the router and the situation is always the same


Ok, thanks for the update.
There’s a way to flash the firmware locally via USB. I’ll provide the instructions and let you decide if you want to try that process or to mail your Garadget in for service. Are you on Windows or Mac?


I’m on Mac


To program locally, you’ll need DFU utility. Here are the instructions for Mac. To enter the DFU mode please hold “M” button and without releasing it, click “R” button. Wait for the yellow blinks and then release “M”.

Here’s the link for system and v1.20 firmware binaries.

Commands to upload are:

dfu-util -d 2b04:d008 -a 0 -s 0x8020000 -D system-part1-0.6.4-p1.bin
dfu-util -d 2b04:d008 -a 0 -s 0x8060000 -D system-part2-0.6.4-p1.bin
dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 0 -s 0x80A0000:leave -D garadget-120.bin

If this sound too technical, please PM me for the shipping arrangements.

Unable to re-setup device
MQTT support

Just check my firmware version and all update itself and working well, google assistant tested just in case the ifttt link stopped but all ok.


I have the same problem on one of my 2 garadget’s. One upgraded to firmware 1.20 just fine and the other one is blinking magenta and is offline. Is the next step to upgrade the firmware manually - I am trying to underestand your instruction - installed DFU utill on my windows PC and downloaded the binaries - now what next? Please give step by step instructions.


To upload the binary, please put your Garadget in DFU mode. With USB connected, run three commands quoted in instructions.

If you have difficulties with the process, please provide your device ID in private message and I’ll take care of it.


@garadget, thank you for fixing my garadget issue. Much appreciated!