Frequent Offline notifications

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I’m seeing regular garadget is offline notifications on my android app. However as soon as I get the message I can see the garage opener is OK and working. I have two garadgets and only one of them is showing up this notification. Seems quite frequent (at least once a day). I have constant internet monitoring and its showing no signs of any issues. I also have 5 minute pings to the garadgets themselves as well and they have been solid for 44 days without any ping loss.

Apart from the false offline messages its been great. Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot this?


Glad to hear your Garadget is performing well.

The offline notifications are sent based on what Particle reports to my event processing code. There could be multiple reasons for device momentarily disconnecting: short DHCP leases, radio interference, power noise, Particle’s network etc.

I’ll consider filtering out events by delaying the offline reporting for several seconds and cancelling it if device comes back online in that time. I’d like to hear if anybody else gets frequent offline notifications to get the idea about the priority of the issue.


Thanks for the quick response. The thing I find strange is this is only happening from one of the devices. The other one has never gone off line and it’s further away from WiFi as well.

I would like to troubleshoot further but don’t know how to start. Are there some logs I can look into?


Hi there. I also get about 6 of these online offline notifications per day. I moved the wifi close but this had no effect. Are there any settings that I can look at in the App to improve it as Im running with the default setup on everything. Thanks again for a great device. Craig


Craig, you can try configuring LAN/DHCP settings in your wireless router to statically assign an IP address to Garadget.
Obviously, the offline notifications can be turned off in alerts while I’m looking into filtering out momentary events.

On the chance that this has to do with the radio interference, we can try adding an external antenna (30 min project, no soldering, ~$1 in parts). Please let me know if you want to try it and I’ll provide the instructions.


Hey Denis

I have static reservations set and am getting excellent signal. Is there anyway I can troubleshoot the issue further?


You can try swapping the power adapters between the two units.


Hi there. Firstly thanks for the quick reply. As Im not that Router Savvy Id like to try the external Antenna to start with as I want to put the Router back where it came from. Please send me the details and I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again


I get them periodically.


Craig, I posted the instructions for adding the external antenna.


Thanks am trying to find antenna and will keep you posted.


I have swapped out the power supply to a spare samsung charger and will let you know if it helps.


Hi I haven’t posted about my replacement unit because I was hoping it would right itself but the unit works for a short time then goes offline and stays offline until I unplug the power from the unit then plug it back in. Then within an hour it happens again. The first unit stayed connected until it just quit working.


@Dennisdwh, see if a different USB power adapter makes the difference. I can replace your complete kit, or power adapter alone or refund your order if things don’t work out.


This can also be a router related issue. You can plug your Garadget overnight at your friends’ house to see if it drops out there too.


Well new power supply hasnt helped. Any other ideas? I would really like to pull logs off the device to troubleshoot further


@Crusader, will get you the logs in PM.


I was having this problem too. I went out and bought another Apple Airport to use as an extender and still had the problem. One morning when I got up I had 42 “Offline” notifications. I just turned off notifications and solved my problem. Not really complaining, just sharing my experience.



There are several possible reasons for Garadget to re-connect frequently: from router configuration to radio interference to outside internet connection quality. Although quick re-connects don’t really affect the availability, the notifications may contribute to the user’s irritation. I’m looking into filtering out the short time offline/online transitions from the notifications on the server side.

Still, feel free to contact me directly if you want to investigate possible reason for your unit re-connecting.


I have found that the PC application reports the proper door status while my Android App shows that it’s offline for 16 hours. Very odd that the one app would be OK while the Android can not. Any suggestions?