Frequent Offline notifications

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Do you get the correct reporting in web version using the browser on the same Android device?
Also please make sure you use the latest version of Android app.


I went to reset the device by pulling the USB cord out of the back of the unit. While installing it back into the unit the metal shell of the micro connector slid into the black plastic strain relief. I could not pull it back out. I tossed that cheap cable and installed a better one I had lying around. After removing the power and putting it back in the unit is reporting again on the Android. Not sure why the PC app was working yet the phone app was not. I just installed the phone app last week. Unless you upgraded it in the last week I got what was available in the Google Store.


I’m glad to hear you got notifications working on your Android device.
Since they worked on web interface, there was no need to reset the hardware. You can also reset the device by pressing “R” button. And yes, there’s a handful of reports of the similar problem with USB connector. If you want to re-use the cable you can pop the housing open and move the connector where it should be. Next batch is getting solid molded USB connectors.

According to Google App Store the most recent update is from September 21. There can be other reasons for your push notification subscription not registering first time (network interruption etc).


Ive now received my antenna and installed it as you’ve shown. Now down to updating the Unit. Holy Cow !! I am totally lost on what is needed and how to do this as the instructions don’t mean anything to me as the drop downs etc. are all different to the link you posted. Without being a pain in the butt is it possible to paste some step by step instructions of what software to download and some screen shots as it is being updated. Im sure other will want to add external antennas so I don’t think its a waste of time. Thanks a million. Craig. PS I am quite PC Software Savvy but these instructions just lost me.


Are you referring to this post in Particle forum? There’s also a documentation section for it as well. Please let me know what looks less intimidating and I’ll help you getting it setup if you encounter any difficulties.


I get the offline alerts every couple of minutes and when attempting to launch the iOS app or refreshing the screen, I get the red exclamation mark everyone once in awhile. I originally suspected the issue to be with my wifi signal, but looking at the app it shows me a -53dB and 4/5 bars on the main page. When the device goes offline, physically looking at the unit the device only goes offline typically for <5 seconds. A simple workaround maybe might be to allow for a Offline timeout setting, that way if I set it to 30 seconds or a minute, that should stop the frequent alerts.


I left the offline alerts running for 8 hours and I had had ~-53db signal, during the 8 hours I received 670 offline alerts and 840 online alerts.

The obvious workaround is to just leave those alerts disabled but would be great to fix it or have an adjustable timeout for it.


Yes, the timeout is something that can be added, but we should address the underlying issue.
Have you tried temporarily dismounting the unit and powering it up next to the router to see if it goes offline quite as often? Please keep in mind that the reported signal strength doesn’t tell the whole story.


Agreed would be great to fix the source of the issue I’m encountering as it also impact me when I launch the app, when the unit is offline, I have to wait for it to come back online before opening the door.
I plugged in the unit next to my router (3 feet apart with signal strength of +2dB) and in 30 minutes, I got a 100 offline and online alerts. Any addition troubleshooting steps which you recommend?


At this point I’d try it with the different router (at friend’s or neighbor’s house) and if it still goes offline, do the exchange.


Good idea and it’s my router. I connected the device to my iPhone’s hotspot and 15 min in and no lost connection. I’ll have to play with my router, you wouldn’t by any chance have any pointer for me ;). If it helps I run DD-WRT on my router.


I had rough time with Tomato running on mid-grade Asus. Just too much appetite for features for that hardware.
Anyway, I’d look at DHCP lease time first, maybe allocate IP by MAC address. There should be some logs too.


After many hours of testing, it’s stable with no offline alerts. I don’t really have a good explanation of why but only solution was connecting the Garadget device to my virtual wireless interface (my guest network) on the same router running DD-WRT.
Thanks for the quick responses!


My Garadget was working well, I have integrated it with opwnHAB2 and the app on android was working great. However, now it is reporting offline for 25hrs - I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but that doesn’t appear to have affected it. I can still open the garage door using openHAB2 so I think the offline status may be an issue with how it’s reporting rather than really being offline. - How can I restore it to online status?


@ianj001: few questions:

  • do you get the same results in web app?
  • Is your unit equipped with the external antenna?
  • What’s the ID of device in question? Please PM, I’ll check through the log files.


I am a little perplexed, I still can’t access this site from my original computer it says it’s unavailable. I switched to my Mac and now it seems fine. - Sorry for the delay in responding but I tried to reply originally and that is when I could no longer access this site.

In answer to your questions:
When I went to the web app is said ti was closed (which was correct) but if I went into settings it said it was offline.
My unit is not equipped with an external antenna

Since I sent you the ID the garage door has come back online and is reporting correctly that it is closed. I did notice that now we seem to be getting two notifications whenever the status changes.

Also, important to note is that the door was operable through openHAB2 the whole time whether the app was reporting offline or not.


From the logs it doesn’t look like your unit has WiFi or server connection issues. There are just a few reconnects in last week. It is possible that your client app connection is timing out. Maybe it is even related to your PC’s internet connection issues. Try different connection options WiFi vs cellular interned, different devices etc. Logging out of the account and re-installing the app wouldn’t hurt too.


I have tried both wifi and cellular connections during the time that it was reporting “offline” without changing anything on my phone it is now reporting online and correctly showing closed. - To be clear the issue with the PC was only viewing this site from a firefox browser, the same browser in the same session was viewing the openhab community site without issue and doesn’t have connection issues with anything else. It is very strange that this was the only site it couldn’t communicate with and that was mid response as I had already messaged you from the same browser. I have not been back on that computer yet but when I do, I will try clearing the cache on that browser and see if it connects. I don’t think that connectivity was related to any of the issues with the device at all. As the logs showed it has been online and was working fine through openHAB2 even when the app was reporting offline.


Glad to hear your app is now reporting the status correctly.
It’s also possible that the issue was caused by a temporary Particle Network outage.


I also would like the timeout for the offline. Wife and kids have turned off their alerts. While still in honeymoon period, I want to know when it goes offline and online etc, so i’m keeping mine on. The internet can be a fickle thing (at least in my house) and yesterday evening and this morning was those times. offline, then online, seconds apart multiple times.