Frequent Offline notifications

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Hi, I have two garadgets attached to my two garages. They are not far from my router. I find from time to time alternatively one is off line. I have integrated the openers to Smarthings hub. ST shows the actual state of the doors and I can operate the doors through ST. At times the when the door shows open it actually is closed in the app. Any solutions


If you PM me the device ID of the unit that goes offline, I’ll check the logs and if it’s confirmed to be online regularly we’ll look at the options for increasing the signal quality.


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I looked at the logs and indeed units go offline all the time.

From what I noticed, the connection remain stable during the night (from around 4-7pm to 5am) and often both of the units get knocked off the network at the same time. That suggests the issue may be caused by router issues or some radio interference events.

2017-01-29 08:50:21 - alert=state (online)
2017-01-29 13:23:58 - offline

2017-01-29 08:43:18 - alert=state (closed)
2017-01-29 13:23:58 - offline

It’s highly unlikely that both of the units have problems with their WiFi radios. I’d look into the way of improving the signal quality: try different router, add repeater, add external antennas.


Hi again. Ive been unsuccessful of updating the software but now I read a previous article that you flashed it externally for someone. Is this possible for me as well. Thx again Craig


One time firmware update is needed after adding the external antenna.
Is that your case, @Papa007?


Yes thats right. All the installation of software and then updating seems a very daunting task. Ive added the antenna no problem i just need to get the firmware updated from our previous correspondence. Thx if this can be done remotely.


Ok Craig, Please PM me the unit ID and name, I’ll upload the antenna specific firmware.


Hi again Denis, Im not sure if I PM’d this or replied for all to see. Hopefully if its the latter you can delete
Thx again


Got your PM. Should be all set with the firmware.


Thanks for that Denis appreciate it. Signal strength seems to have gone form 53 down to 40 today but it was a bit warmer yesterday maybe thats the reason. It says firmware 1.11 just to be sure its all been done. Thx again Craig


40dB is better of the two, but both 40dB and 53dB are excellent levels.


Thx once again for the quick response and reply. You just confirmed if it was better to have lower or higher and yes they both still show excellent so i wasn’t too concerned. I get quite a few online offline messages during the day but we are finally upgrading our area to NBN, yes we are very slow as well as expensive here in Oz for internet :(, I am sure this could have been that reason. Thx again


The App in my phone indicates that the Garadget has been off-line for 16 hours now. However, I still receive notifications that the garage door opens and closes. How can it be “Off-line” but still be communicating correctly?
Since is is off-line in the App, I am unable to view any of the settings to be able to provide additional information like signal strength, etc…


My initial symptoms were the same as doublenickel - status showing as offline in the iOS app but still receiving notifications. Garadget merrily pulsating blue and flashing its laser.

Covered fully in my post on the iOS beta feedback.


Update to my last post. The Garadget had slow blinking blue light during the Off-line time in App. After four days of receiving all opening/closing notifications with App indicating that unit was Off-line; no changes were made to unit or App and this morning the App is working correctly and showing the unit is back on-line. Firmware version 1.13.


There were no reports of the issues with Particle cloud services, so it’s hard to tell what the problem was.
Please keep an eye on your unit and if this happens again, we’ll investigate further.


I also get these notifications frequently, have an antenna on the unit, and tried the static IP address. I would welcome the delayed notifications (perhaps about a 15 second delay). I think for many, the garage WiFi reception isn’t the best in the house.