Garadget app - annoying sign-in


About every 2 months when I need my app the most - locked out of my garage, your insane app wants me to log in again. I never want to have to re log in! I have multiple email address and many different passwords. I can never remember my login and I don’t need to! Why must your app have this very annoying periodic re-log-in? There should be at least an option to NEVER have to again log in to the app, to use it.

Otherwise love the device and how it works. But hate having to log in when I need it most!

Also, speaking of logins, why does this community require a password with an insanely long 10 character password? This is not Fort Knox or a classified government site! Every time I come in here, I must reset my password, as none of my normal passwords are that long, and I won’t remember them. Think of the users!


I’ve noticed this problem too. I have found that if the app opens and requests a login/PW, I can force close the app (double-tap the home button and slide the app off the top of the screen - in iOS), and then relaunch it and it will automatically log me back in.

Not ideal, but better than having to re-enter ID & PW.


Please check that you have the latest version. On iOS look for Garadget 2 in appstore.


I do have v2. At least when I find it in the App Store the option is “Open” rather than “Get” and the interface matches the examples.


I am using the Android version, and although the version number does not show up anywhere, there are no updates for the app in the Google Play store, so I would assume its up to date.

Why is it playing dumb and asking me to log on again?


This appears to be account specific issue experience by few. It’s possible that there are too many tokens from previous logins so some get invalidated on each new authorization.

You are open to the idea of using the command prompt can get the list of active authorization tokens by running:

you can clear out existing tokens by calling:


I am not following you. Are you suggesting using a command prompt on the Android device? That is where I am having the issues with login to the Garadget app.



The command prompt work on PC/Mac/Linux. It will allow to see all the authentications for your account across all the devices including those for Android phone.


Ah, I am pretty tech savvy, but this is way over my head. I clicked on those two links - is that all it takes to clear out tokens? Does not seem right - how would it know my account?

Seems like there needs to be a user friendly way to fix this.



There’s a mobile friendly web page you can use as a backup. Bonus: if you have chrome save the password then you’ll never have to remember it. Just bookmark it or save the link as a desktop shortcut.


Geeez just use a password manager you gigantic sook… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


I agree that everybody should be using a password managers for a number of reasons, but let’s spread the message without the name calling.