Garadget firmware 1.24

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The updated firmware 1.24 is out and most units have automatically received the update.
The purpose of the update was to update underlying system to the most current stable version. There is no change in any of the functionality from the previous firmware release.

In case the manual firmware update is needed, here are the steps:

  • disconnect Garadget from the opener and power
  • remove M4 screw connecting the main enclosure to the mount so it can be taken down without ripping out the adhesive pad. Hold the M4 nut on the other side, it has tendency to run away and hide.
  • install Particle Command Line Tools
  • download the firmware and system files, extract them into a separate folder
  • connect Garadget to the computer’s USB port
  • put Garadget into DFU Mode: Hold M button, click R, continue to hold M button until LED changes to blinking yellow
  • open command prompt and navigate to the folder with the firmware files
  • run commands from full-garadget-124.bat file if your unit does not have external antenna (small silver wire sticking out of the back next to 4 pin connector). Run commands from full-garadget-124a.bat if your unit does have the external antenna.
  • observe the output for any error messages and instructions. At one point the device needs to be switched to the Listening Mode: press and hold M button until LED changes to blinking dark blue.