Garadget Skill for Amazon Echo (Alexa)

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Hey, There is a way to do this. I use ST as my hub. I gave my garage doors names and included in the ST as switches. Garadget is essentially a open close switch. It knows the position open or close through the laser. Instead of a garage door I included the doors in my routine “Return Home” as a switch to be turned on when the presence sensor returned. Alexa executes this command because it is a switch not a garage door.


Twice so far the Alexa skill has started responding with “Permission Denied” when I try any command. I had to disable and then re-enable the skill to get it back to working correctly.


My Echo also began responding with “Permission Denied” just like was reported by siferguss. Rebooting the Echo had no effect but, as siferguss noted, disabling and then re-enabling the skill got it up and running again.



Is there a way to set this up so that it does not have the permission to open the garage door? This seems safer from a security point of view.


I guess I don’t understand your point. If you don’t want an Echo to have permission to open a garage door, then don’t enable the Alexa skill.

As for security, I imagine that those of us with a Echo tend to keep them inside so that would seem to be security enough. A person would need to break into my home to access it.

Like siferguss, I was just reporting that the Alexa skill became nonfunctional at some point.


I guess I don’t understand your point.

not hard to understand. The webpage for the Alexa skill says “Security Note: Currently Alexa does not authenticate the person issuing the request. Anybody within its hearing distance can command it to open your garage doors.”

I want the ability to ask the status. To ask about recent events. To close the door. Just not to open it.

Some of us live in small houses and the Echo can’t be placed far enough from the door or windows that someone speaking the command can’t control Alexa.


Hallo again … sorry for late reply. Had been off due to business tripp.

OK - german skill is online as BETA and running excellent. Of course, still some gaps for improvement, but it´s a good start. For german users that to be used keyterm “GARADGET” is per my point of view is a potential problematic topic, as pronouciation for Germany users is quite unfamiliar. I am not sure, if a more common word, would be better. But of that the link to Garadget is not given directly. Hi Denis - do you think that it would make sense to use a non english term instead (something with GARAGE [same in german] … but there is no link to wording like GADGET in german)?

For all german beta users, pronounce it as “Garad gät” … works best … but sounds very strange.

Some pronouciation needs to be checked. Obviously ALEXA translates the “OE” as “ö” not perfectly. I assume, we Need to rewrite these sentences again. But generally it understands what I request and command.


Thanks for the info!
I’ll submit the new version for approval and then we can make changes as needed.

When it comes to the invocation name “Garadget” there are many requirements that have to be met. Please let me know if you can figure out an alternative that would make sense and meet the requirements.


How hard would it be to ask for an authentication piece like a pin? I currently do that with my Alexa enabled August lock. I know that’s not perfect but it does add a level of security that some unauthorized individual couldn’t yell through the door unless they made a lucky guess. Just a thought.


It took me hours to come up with a good name for my garage door. It’s called “Garage” yet when I ask for the status of my garage door I get the response, “Raptor hamster is closed?”

Now, “Raptor Hamster” is a pretty cool name but I’m curious where this is coming from.


The cool names are the courtesy of the Particle’s SDK for the mobile apps.
You’ll see the randomly generated default names like Crazy Taco, Weasel Lawyer, Raptor Hamster etc.
If the name of the door in app doesn’t match the name you see in the notification then just reset the unit with “R” button and it should sync.


If you have garadgets at more than one location you need to use caution when naming your doors. I named my home unit “Garage”. I named my lake house unit “Lake”.
"Alexa, ask Garadget to open “Garage”.
Alexa would reply “Opening all doors”.
“Whoa, not Lake!” She obviously didn’t reply to that or the expletives following.
Moral: don’t name a door “Garage” unless it is your only door.
Moral 2: having a secutity camera in each garage is a really good idea to confirm instructions are followed and that Garadget is properly reporting.


No worries if you are using Alexa on the Fire TV. How many have access to the Fire TV remote anyway…

If you want Alexa/Garadget to only respond to a specif door name, all you need to do is get a second Garadget which will force Alexa to ask which door unless you say ‘all’ doors open/close.


Pronounce garajet


Had a new issue with the Alexa app. Now, regardless of the command, the response is “Garage door is currently off-line.” The Gardget App and IFTTT both work just fine. I’ve disabled and re-enabled the Alexa app several times with no change.


Jim, did you try to re-authorize the Garadget account with Alexa app?


When I disable and re-enable the Alexa app, I’m required to re-enter my ID and password. I assume that counts as re-authorizing. I tried that several times. Tried again just now. Alexa tells me that my garage door is offline when I ask the status or try to open/close it.


There are no reports of this issue from other users so we can assume the issue is specific to your account.
When you mention ID and password you are asked to re-enter, are those for your Garadget account?


Yes I did and the skill was enabled like normal. It’s not the end of the world. As long as the app and the IFTTT applets work, I’m happy.


Turned out that rebooting my router fixed the issue.