Garaget's IFTTT Channel

I’m putting final touches on Garadget’s own IFTTT channel and looking for user feedback and applets (formerly known as recipes) suggestions.

The channel is not officially launched yet, but you can access it through the preview link.

Hi Denis,

I use 3 of the receips.
The both with “automatic” in the title are not automatic receips but normal location receips and they work well.
The one for logging to a spreadsheet is quit buggy or featureless. It just logs the events but not any date/time stamp.


Thanks for feedback, Michael.
I’ve updated the names of the applets and fixed the date/time field in the logging applet.
I also plan to implement the door name as the ingredient so a single applet can handle events from multiple doors.

I’ll add some more applet with internet buttons services, weather services and whatever else comes to mind.

The only IFTTT one I use with Garadget is a proximity one that is supposed to open my door when I get near my house. I need to go check out your preview channel now. I hope there’s a similar one that works better than the one I currently have.

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I created one, but I doubt it will be better than one that you created, just more convenient.

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Cannot connect to Garadget ifttt channel. After entering email and password it errors out and says to enter client ID.

Maybe it has something to do with the channel being under review for publishing.
Anybody else experience the same issue?

Now it says user credentials are invalid

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IFTTT’s admin for the channel partners has the test for the connectivity which includes the account authorization and passes the tests. Please test your account credentials with the Garadget’s web app.

Same results on the web app

Same result meaning “invalid credentials” message? You can reset the password right from the web app.

So, when I go to ifttt page, find the Gardget app, click on connect I enter my email and password for Gardget, is that correct? If so it gives me invalid credentials, even though the email and password works for logging into Gardget

Yes, while linking the Garadget account from IFTTT you enter your Garadget’s account credentials.
Same credentials should work for logging into the web app.

Got Alexis working with door open and close. Thanks for this!

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I’m going to give your proximity option a try. Apparently there is a “Maker” error on my IFTTT applet. Lots of errors. Hasn’t successfully ran in about two weeks. :frowning:
I didn’t make any changes to it after creating it, so I don’t know why it stopped working.

Maybe auth token got expired.
Anyway, the official IFTTT channel is officially published now, so things will get easier.

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Your new official IFTTT applet worked for me last night! Garage door opened as I approached the house. :slight_smile:

I downloaded the open and close based on location (IOS) and it didn’t work. I noticed that after I logged in, it says connected as Test Account. Is that normal?

There may be some issues with IFTTT today. Amazon Web Services had a massive outage today, affecting many sites and online services including Garadget’s IFTTT implementation as well as IFTTT itself.

I did some testing and got errors on first two attempts, but later everything came back. Please try again.

I heard! I figured out what I had done. I recently went overseas and turned off all services to cellular. So that was my issue.