Garaget's IFTTT Channel

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I use the google assistant “close door” IFTTT module. But I don’t understand how to use the “open door” one. It says something about tweet and putting a $ in where I will say text. can anybody shed some light on this for me?


I looked at both applets and they appear identical when it comes to the configuration inputs.
From the instruction it appears that $ is used as the placeholder for the spoken variable; if you didn’t have that in your “close” applet, then you probably don’t need it in its “open” counterpart. Try copying the values from existing applet replacing “close” with “open”.


Thanks for the quick response. In the close applet, I simply typed “close my garage” and “close garage door”. The open wants that variable. Do I have to use another app like twitter to trigger it? I’m confused. I will try to type this: $ Open garage door . And see if that works. Cheers!


no dice. if i add the dollar sign, google assistant just gives me web search results. without the $ , she just says that she is unable to process. guess it’s broken, or i’m missing something major.


Do you receive some error message when you just type “open my garage” and “open garage door”?
The twitter mentioning comes from the example for the google assistant’s trigger (event source).


yes, if i simply type “open my garage” or similar, i get an unable to process from google asistant. the simple “close my garage” works. I guess i need to go check out IFTTT 101 because i don’t understand the $ integration.


There’s a possibility that “open” is a reserved word for launching apps. To verify this try something like “lift” instead.


thanks for your help. I was using an applet that was already created. I just created my own using the walkthrough on the IFTTT app and it works perfectly just saying “open my garage” This is epic. Garadget was already easy, now i don’t even have to open the app. Next I’ll train it to work with my nest cam! You guys rock!


The problem still persists.Open app works diffrent from close. I am looking for ways to manage two different garage doros using Google voice.I can only get one working.


Prasanna, please look into setting up a custom applet for this and share the result (good and bad).


Yeah.I ended up creating a new custom Applet it took all of 20 secs using google assitant service “Say simple phrase”.It works great.


Where do i put testimonials ? You may be intrested to know my 12 year old actually walked and setup one of these himself.It is that easy and works.
Additionally i would like to request a few things
Why does Garadget goes to Indegogo website ?
Find way to sync the Gardget Apps password and forums password ?
More intutive way of setting up alerts ?
Change/alias the way to access webportal from “” to ""
Allow multiple users? to manage and find out who opened ?
May be too advanced - Text a link to someone else so they can open teh garage one time if they are only 50 feet from the door

Thank you for fantastic product.
From the moment i started looking your product was the only one which stoodout.For DYI-er this would be cake walk.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!
Many requests are already on my list. I’d like to hear your suggestion as to how to present alerts more intuitively.

Re. feedback: Please submit your testimony in the marketplace where you purchased your Garadget.


Went to the IFTTT app (and via web), select Garadet, and when it gets to the part where it wants to Connect and needs my Garadget Account information, I enter it and press Allow and it says “client_id is a required parameter”. I even tried to build my own and get the same thing. Any ideas?


Todd, please PM me your account email or device ID and I’ll make sure they’re properly registered in the system.


I am getting the exact error message as Todd in the ifttt app and website. Can you help me also?


As a person who has had the Garadget less than 24 hours and never even heard about IFTTT until an hour ago, I was able to install IFTTT and your Open/Close button widgets on my iPhone in minutes. They works flawlessly. It will be quite a time saver. How I can sit back and patiently wait for HomeKit and Siri.



I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I setup 2 Google assistant events and created open/close commands (using simple phrase). However, when I say those phrases, google assistant simply does a search on the phrase and not actually open/close the garage door.

Any hint on how to actually trigger those events?



I’m not familiar with the Google Assistant end of things, but you can setup some other IFTTT applet using Garadget actions (widget button for example) to test that Garadget integration works as expected.


Button Widget I created does work so it appears that IFTTT triggering the Garadget action is working correctly. It is the Google Assistant part which isn’t working right. :frowning: