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I saw a lot of settings in the Google Assistant’s trigger. You can try making the adjustments.
Also I can’t say for sure, but some words like “open” and “close” may be reserved for launching and exiting apps. Their docs should mention things like this.


Tried bunch of different phrases, but it isn’t working. Oddly, I tried other triggers through Google Assistant and none of them are working (they simply trigger a search). Maybe it is some kind of setup.


Got this fixed. It appears that “Google Assistant” on my phone was never setup thought it APPEARED to have been working. (turning on flash light, etc worked via “ok google”)

Long press on my home button brought up the Google Assistant and went through the setup process, I had to re-create the applets and now it is working.



Ok, now, are people having issues with IFTTT’s Location based Open/Close applet? I set up my system to open door when I get inside “geo fence” (and it works), but it randomly triggers once in a while (usually when I am inside the house). I am wondering whether the system thinks that I briefly left the area when GPS signal is briefly lost and when it re-gains the location, it thinks that I am now IN the zone and opens the door?

Right now, I have it turned off, but was wondering whether there is a method of getting around this issue. Yes, my Geo fence is fairly large (as large as I would be comfortable with since I don’t want it opening my garage door 1000ft away.)

Has anyone have any issues like me?



Please post your findings regarding the geo-fencing issue. Keep in mind though that the problem is not in Garadget’s system. The part that’s not working is the trigger, while Garadget is on the action side of the applet.


Definitely some issue with IFTTT location triggering (yes, I understand that it does NOT have anything to do with Garadget in particular). I drove home through exactly same route twice this morning and one time (I used location trigger and SMS), I received 2 messages, and second time, I got 1 message.

It is ok (just slightly annoying) to receive multiple text messages, but I don’t want my garage door to open up accidentally especially overnight.

I wonder how one can make it more reliable. That said, does anyone know if there is IFTTT trigger if one enters and exits certain wifi zone? (via SSID recognition?) That MAY be more reliable than simple geo location.

EDIT: Just now, I was just sitting at my desk at home and got “Location entered” e-mail. This would have opened my garage door if I set the trigger for it.


I too have experienced this exact anomaly.


For now, I have turned off the IFTTT geographic triggers as it is proven to be not as reliable. I am just using Google Assistant trigger which is quite reliable so far.

Now, has anyone used LIFTTT app? This one will send an e-mail based on Location. Using that Email trigger, one can create corresponding job like opening garage door for example. I think this android app came prior to IFTTT implemented their location based triggers.


My experience with the IFTTT app and service has been pretty good. I live in the back of my subdivision and moved my Geo fence to the front of the subdivision so that my door, usually, is opened by the time I’m on my actual street.

As far as misbehaving, it’s been slow to open on many occasions, like waiting until I’m in the driveway. It’s also NOT worked at all a few times. :frowning:

But I will say that the service/app has never falsely opened - like when I’m already home or nowhere near the house. That would certainly be nerve racking and would push me to disable it and just rely on the app or the widget on my iPhone.


Had an anomaly I want to share. Was testing the ifttt auto open when I came home and worked great. Loved it for the first few days. Yesterday my phone was low on power so I set it on low power mode. The background apps were not active so the garage didn’t open. While that’s not a big deal. The worry was when I charged my phone when I went to bed and when it finished charging and low power mode turned off. All gps and background processes came online. To ifttt it thought I just arrived home and opened my garage at 4am when I was passed out. Only when I woke I saw garadget warned me it was open. Went and checked and confirmed. Just wanted to give others a heads up about this possible scenario.


Thanks for heads up, Fredman1365.
This is indeed an interesting case. IFTTT should look into fixing their trigger.
From what I’ve seen, they’re working on the additional logic in the applets. Hopefully we’ll see additional conditions. With that in place we could do a time windows for geo-location based actions.


using life 360 solved my problems.


I was setting up IFTTT using the 2 pre-made Garadget applets on my Android phone and encountered the same issue as above. Setting up the close garage door was fine but when I went to setup google assistant with the Open garage door, it was looking for me to enter a $ sign as a variable. I know I can create my own IFTTT applet with GA and Garadget but I thought I’d let you know.


PS. Just installed the Garadget and app working great. In the process, I also fixed an intermittent fault with my garage door, win win.

EDIT: OK, figured out the IFTTT official Garadget/Google Assistant setup. I think this is where having multiple doors will be useful for the $ option.

“OK, Google, Open the $ door.” Where the $ is the name of the door you have set in the garadget settings.

Google Assistant response “OK, Opening the $ door.”

It works!!


i had been using the “Open/Close Garage on Departure” IFTTT applet for some time, but recently it just stopped working, with the error message “Failed loading options for “Which Door?” (error code 500)” - any suggestions on how to resolve? i’ve tried deleting the applet and reconfiguring, but no luck.


I ran the tests of the integration and there are no issues on this end. Please try un-linking from and then re-linking your Garadget and IFTTT accounts.


that might be a record for issue resolution. it worked!!! thanks!


The garadget shipped recipes for IFTTT for google assistant ‘open the garage’ is wanting a text ingredient also - I believe this is wrong as the ‘close the garage’ recipe is just a single phrase.