Google Home/assistant integration

Hey, is there any traction on this issue as Google Home / Assistant is still unable to open/close the door?

I am 99% sure at one point in time that I could open / close my Garadget doors from Google Home. That seems to no longer be an option. I have SmartThings installed and can open and close via smartthings. I can integrate Garadget into Google Home directly or via Smartthings. In both cases there IS NO OPTION to open / close the door. it doesn’t even show if the door is open.


My garadget was working fine with google assistant until a month or 2 ago and I notices it stopped working. I thought i was the problem as I recently changed my password but this is not the case. I unlinked garadget from Google home and now it won’t relink, garadget site doesn’t login. What has happened???

I also do not see the Garadget as a device that can be interacted with. I can control it with my voice though. Google Home app on iOS.

I’ve been using Google Assistant on my Android phone for quite a while now to open and close my garage door using voice commands.

More often than not I would get a response like “Sorry, it looks like Garadget is unavailable right now” but the door would open/close as requested so I just got used to ignoring this response.

Over the past two or three days, I am consistently getting the negative response from Google Assistant “Sorry, it looks like Garadget is unavailable right now” but now the garage door is not responding.

If my wife uses her Garadget app on her Android phone, it is often very slow to bring up the door status, but eventually it works and she can operate the door.

I use my Garadget app for my workplace garage door (a separate Garadget account) so it’s a painful exercise to switch accounts, hence my reason for using Google Assistant.

Any thoughts on why it has suddenly stopped working? Also is there a way to step through the configuration of the Google Assistant custom command for Garadget and check/reset the login details? I’ve been hunting around for hours but been unable to find any way of editing the command.


Rob Hills
Waikiki, Western Australia

I used to have Garadget linked properly in Google Home, but after it stopped working, I unlinked and tried to relink it.
When attempting to link now, after I enter my credentials and PIN in the auth screen, I get “No devices were found in your Garadget account”.
The dedicated Garadget app works fine and I see my unit in there. Is there anything wrong with my account?