Google Home in the house

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just installed google home and its really interesting. wondering if any android work has been done for home automation. it would be great to have vocal interface to:

Open Garage
Close Garage
Notification: Garage has been open for x
Notification: Garage is opening/closing

i have to say i am really enjoying my Garadget. Great product recommend all the time

google AI is getting really interesting


Personally, I’d love to take a stab at it, but have my hands full with core Garadget engineering, not to mention running business.

I searched for the Google Home developers forum, but couldn’t find one. Maybe it’s coming soon and I’ll post the request there. For now, if there’s any coding talent serious about Garadget integration with Google Home, I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. Same can be said about other systems as well as improvements to existing software or alternative implementations.


This seems like it would be a cool feature, but for security do you really want to give some random passerby voice control over entry into your home? It’s for this same reason that Amazon Echo doesn’t allow voice control over garage doors or door locks. I could see adding voice control for closing the garage (not opening), and audible notifications. Voice triggers for notification aren’t a feature yet on Google Home, but I have a feeling that they will be added in the near future. But until voice profiles (commands only from your voice) are a feature on Google Home I think audible commands to open your garage would be too big of a security risk. Some burglar knowing when you aren’t home and that you have a Google Home could just say “Hey Google, open garage”. Your neighbors would then just assume that it’s family or a friend you’ve allowed access to your home.


ndude07 - good point!
If they could integrate a 4 digit voice recognizable pin number with security functions (open garage; unlock door; start fire place) it may help alleviate that problem.


You can achieve this with IFTTT as they have a Google assistant plug in now. I have this working on my phone.


could you share what you have done?



This is really easy if you have Home Assistant. I haven’t done it yet - I just don’t have a use case for wanting to open my garage with my voice - but it is fairly straightforward with HA and IFTTT.

  1. Open IFTTT, Create a new Applet, select Google Assistant, and use “Say a simple phrase”
  2. Choose the phrase you will want to trigger the action by, “open my garage” (and provide up to 2 alternatives)
  3. Select the response you want to hear from Google when you say the phrase, like “OK, Opening garage door”
  4. Go to the “That” of the Applet and select the Maker channel
  5. For the URL use: http://[HASS URL]:8123/api/services/cover/open_cover?api_password=[HASS PW]
  6. Select POST and application/json
  7. Enter {"entity_id": "cover.[HASS GARAGE DOOR NAME]"} for the message body

You will need a different applet for closing the door (fixing the trigger phrase/URL). You will also need to go into the Google Home app and link your IFTTT account if you haven’t done it yet.

If Garadget has an API of any sort then you’d just replace steps 5-7 with the information Garadget wants. EDIT: Per this post you can.

There will be a 3-4 second delay but I used the exact same thing for my lights (until I got emulated_hue working!)


many thanks


pbysh, I’m new to this and I hit a wall when I tried selecting Maker. There’s only 2 Maker choices, Wemo Maker and Maker Webhooks, but no plain Maker. Is this something that needs to be set up prior to anything? Thank you.


You want Maker Webhooks, the name changed since I wrote my post.