Using Garadget in IFTTT's recipes

Garadget supports REST API which means it can be controlled with the specially formed web requests.
Here’s the example on how to use that capability in IFTTT recipe.

Gather info

First you’ll need to find:

  • device ID - a string that uniquely identifies each Garadget unit.
  • authentication token - a secret string your app receives to use instead of the username/password after you successfully log in.

The simplest way is to login into the web interface and use the document inspector to pick at the background requests it sends:

  • In Google Chrome click anywhere in blank space of the page and select “Inspect” from the context menu
  • Navigate to the Network Tab
  • Filter by text: setState and resource type XHR
  • Use web interface to open and close the door
  • See the requests appearing in the list, you can find the details under Headers tab

Create Recipe

Now let’s create recipe starting with IF part of your choosing. There are numerous choices including the geofencing, messeging system etc. I used trigger by email with the subject - not a good idea from the security standpoint, but this is something that I can easily test.

In THEN part select Maker Channel → Make a web request.

Replace XXXXXXXX with your device ID and YYYYYYYY with your access token. Replace open with close if needed.

That’s it. My kids jumped up and down when I demonstrated opening garage via email to them.
Next, I’ll look into using door status as the event trigger (IF) part. This will require custom scripting.

Should I be seeing a door? My Android app sees it fine, but not the web interface.

Yes, there should be same doors shown in all clients.
Please make sure you use the same login credentials (email address is case sensitive).

WE did it!! I can open/close my garage door with Amazon Echo!!! Thanks so much for leading the way, Denis

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When you have a moment please post the details of your setup. Several people asked about Echo (Alexa) integration.
I’m on pre-order for their revision 2 myself.

It was pretty easy. I followed your instructions.

  • On the “IF THIS” part I selected the Amazon Alexa channel
  • Next say what you want as your trigger phrase
  • For the “THAT part”, I selected the Make channel and entered the information you gave me (of course, entering my own device and access token and the action to take [open or close])
    Then, save it.

I’m about to make another one to open the door when I get within a block of my home. After you do the first one, it’s a piece of cake! I have no intention of publishing it unless there is a way to leave out the device and access token.

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Icing on the cake. I just made a IFTTT recipe to automatically close the door at 9PM in case I forget to do it before going to bed. If it’s already down, nothing happens. Pretty cool! Only limited by one’s imagination.

Nice! Here are few more:

  • You can make the door open automatically when you get in the vicinity (iOS, Android).
  • With Automatic module in the car; you can make recipe to automatically open the door when the engine starts while car is in garage and close the door when engine is turned off there.

I’ve already made the vicinity recipe. I’ll have to check out the Automatic module. Like I said, after you make the first one, everything else is a piece of cake.

I’m not able to see the doors either. I tested my login with the ap to make sure I was using the same password.

Disregard. I reset my password and its working now.

Because I’m literal type person, I just want to make sure that people understand you don’t use the _ before and after the XXXXX.

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I was able to get mine working. Now when I drive up to the garage, it automatically opens! I followed the above instructions and made sure I removed the _ from the code and now it works. Just make sure both aps are open in the background

ha I did the same… now i don’t feel as silly. took me 50 minutes to figure out why i walked three blocks to test it and it wasnt working


The underscores in URL were part of failed formatting attempt. The board uses them to add italicization to the text, but evidently it only works when applied to separate words. Anyway, I’m glad to contribute to the fitness of Garadget users any way I can. Fixed the post.

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you made me laugh, reminds me of a doctor I know that was sent papers to sign, sticky notes saying sign here, he signed the sticky notes…

I have the same problem. My iPhone can see my door, but not the web interface. I double checked the account email, they are the same.

Please PM me account/device ID, I’ll check it out.

I can use IFTTT to open/close garage door now. Thanks for the information from this forum. Does anyone have idea how to use Amazon Echo (Alexa) to query the status of garage door?

Add the IFTTT skill to Alexa.

Hi Fweezal,

Can you please share the steps? I didn’t find any IFTTT skill in Alexa app.