Using Garadget in IFTTT's recipes

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My bad. You have to create a recipe on the IFTTT site. You’ll need to use the Alexa and the Maker apps on IFTTT. Here’s how I made mine.


Thanks for sharing this. I have made Alexa to open or close my garage door. My question is how can Alexa know the door status?


Unfortunately getting Alexa to speak the result of a web request isn’t supported. For that matter, IFTTT won’t do what you want either – it drops the response on to the floor rather than allowing you to pass it to another step.

You could write your own home automation skill for Alexa, which would enable your use case. This is pretty involved, though, and requires you to integrate with an oAuth provider and write code. Not sure whether you were looking for something simpler. This blog post explains the steps.


I’ve been working on a custom Alexa skill for a few days now. I made a quick video. Still more work to do before release.


Hi! I’d love to see the recipe you used to get this to close your door at 9pm if the door is still open.


Aaron :sunglasses:



Awesome. Thank you, sir


@Chris is looking for up to 10 beta testers for the native Alexa skill (no IFTTT needed).
Please reach out to him in PM for more info.


I can tell the Applet maker in the IFTTT app to this:
In the IF section I tell it to respond to the Amazon Alexa trigger service phrase “alexa open the garage door”.
When I tap the checkmark in the upper right corner it tells me to select an action service. What action service should I select, and what should I tell it?



I’ve officially given up trying to do this all on my own.
Hi folks, I’ve been trying to set up IFTTT viscinity recipe and have failed to make it work and wondering what I could be doing wrong.

Can anyone be able to share the recipe w/ me? I’m under the organization mode at the moment.

Thanks a bunch!


Please describe what are you trying to achieve and how far you got trying to set it up in IFTTT.


Well, I want the garage door to open automatically when my car approach the address. and close when I leave.


I’d test trigger and action separately.
You can setup the geo-fencing trigger you want with some known good action such as push notification or email message. Once that is set, you can try Garadget action triggered with something you can easily control. After both parts are independently tested you can connect them together.

If you’re stuck with Garadget action, share the URL and parameters you’re sending for Garadget and I’ll take a look. Don’t forget to obfuscate the auth token when sharing.


roger that. will try tonight!


tried and trigger works well. It is definitely the action part. What should i do?


You can use something like or to test your requests to Particle API. The responses should give the idea what’s wrong.


good news! it’s finally working! i’m happy to report it back. :slight_smile:


Hey everybody,
Garadget’s native IFTTT channel is almost finished.
Please try out the preview. More info here.


I have the same problem . Garadget is not seen through the web interface, instead, only my other Photon devices are.

When I try to link SmartThings with the Garadget app (last step under SmarrApp) it also does not see my Garadget, but only my other Photons.

Please advise.


This happens because you have a Garadget specific Particle account and a generic Particle account under the same email address. I’d recommend moving the devices from one of the accounts to a new account with a different email address. This will resolve the ambiguity.

Trying to setup Garadget with Smarthings