Using Garadget in IFTTT's recipes

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Thank you.
I guess I will change my account info for the Garadget then (only one device). In order to do that do I press the R(eset) or M(ode) button on the device?


To re-initialize the device in a new account, first put it into listening mode and then setup the new account with that device as if you just received it.


Is there a trigger to check the state of the door? I’d suspect one for Open, Opening, Closed, and Closing.

In this case, I’d like to check the state of the door in IFTTT while I’m leaving the house. Since there are times that I do NOT want to close the door automatically, I’d like to simply be alerted (via text or notification) that the door is still open.

Also, are there any triggers setup to save all activities to OneDrive or OneNote?