I am getting bunch of notifications for no reason

I am getting bunch of notifications without any reason. The garage did not get much of different lights, the laser is hitting the reflector, etc.

What I did notice was that during these times, (it would last maybe around 1/2 hour to an hour at a time), the reflection values are varying widely (many times this is happening when it is dark out, no other lights coming into the garage to cause this issue).

I was also getting a number of offline-online notification, back to back, for several days in a row. Things have been quiet for the last 2 days or so. Perhaps there was something going on at the server end of things that they have corrected.

I just had bunch of notifications. I went to the garage and there is no real reason why this would occur.

Depending on the type of the notification (online/offline or opening/closed), please refer to the corresponding section of the troubleshooting guide to address that issue. Please post additional questions if the suggested steps in the guide don’t fix the problem.

I already went through and ruled them all out. It happens all times of the day.
While it is bright outside, no light outside, etc.

The reflection rate during day is about 60% but once in a while, it just dips straight down below 5% for few minutes and then it goes right back without any reason. (I was observing it just in case there is something in the garage, but the laser is hitting the reflector etc without any obstruction).

It will go on for about 1/2 hour to an hour, then will be quiet for hours. (with no change on my part at all)

Are there any insects in the garage?
There’s an option to set Garadget up with a wired sensor if there is no way to determine or prevent whatever gets in the way.

I have to look into that. I was wondering whether there were any birds/bats in the garage.

I will re-check the garage again as it won’t be the first time that I have critter issues.

I think I found culprit, it appears that the laser is defective (or something).

I noticed that once in a while, the laser coming out is not as bright as usual times, and that causes the dip in reflection and sends “door open” status, few times later, the laser returns to correct brightness and reflection goes back to normal and sends out “door closed” status. :frowning:

It would be wonderful if laser can be easily user replaced but it looks like it has to be soldered and while I am reasonably good at fixing things, soldering is something I am definitely NOT good at.

EDIT: MAYBE there is an issue with power? maybe power is fluctuating?

Swapped out power supply. non-scientific measurement tells me that laser looks to be much brighter.

Will see.

Typically, if there’s an issue with the laser, it doesn’t recover back to the normal brightness level. If you’re interested in replacement process, it’s a simple process indeed. Please see this post.

So far so good.

I say if I see no issues until tonight, then I can confidently say that the power block was defective.

Nope… I was wrong… The laser is dimmed and gets brighter randomly… :disappointed_relieved:

I am guessing there is something wrong with the unit.

I guess I will have to get it exchanged.

I will proceed with the change.

No worries, we’ll handle that.