IFTTT and Alexa not working anymore


Thanks for the explanation on Garadget’s access tokens and oauth2. A couple days ago my token expired again, which must be about 90 days from my original post on this subject. At the time of my original post, I should have better described what I’m up to.

I think this problem is cropping up, because I’m using the Garadget plug-in for HomeBridge, which requires us to hard-code an access token into the plugin. Doing this must bypass the OAuth2 mechanism, right? We obtain the access token for the plugin <a href="https://community.garadget.com/t/using-garadget-in-ifttts-recipes/440>as described here.

Is the next step to request the developer of homebridge-garadget to support oauth2?


It is now possible to get a non-expiring token for your integration. Please see this page on how to use this feature. After that you can use the developer tools in your browser to extract the token as shown here.

Let me know if you need more help with this.