Installation with Chamberlain LiftMaster Professional

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Chamberlain HD900D - Will it work?
Garaget won't connect to WiFi

As polarity doesn’t matter it was very simple to trace the wires used by the push button switch and connect my Garadget to the same terminals.

Chamberlain 41A5483B


I may do some wire management later. My Garadget is working great on my Chamberlain LiftMaster Professional Formula I. The provided micro-USB cable wasn’t quite long enough, so I swapped it out with a spare cable I wasn’t using. Not a big issue. Reflection is at 95% in our garage with a single East facing window.


Am I seeing that correctly? Black is in RED and Blue is in White?


The polarity of the Garadget connection doesn’t matter.
You connect two wires from Garadget to two opener’s terminals on the left.


Yes, but again polarity doesn’t matter. Basically this just means that you can connect either wire to either of the two connectors on the left, it will work the same as it just completes the circuit.